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Aleem vows to empower local bodies representatives

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LAHORE: Punjab Local Government Minister Aleem Khan has vowed to reform the local bodies system, saying that local representatives will not only be empowered and but will also be held accountable.

The minister, while addressing a press conference, said that district chairmen were not satisfied with the system and were unwilling to go to their areas.

He said that the proposals to reform the local bodies system will be presented to Prime Minister Imran Khan, and legal experts will determine whether the current local bodies system should be scrapped and new elections should be held.

He said that majority of the local government comprised of members of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) who also unsatisfied with the system.

“A system will be brought to empower the representatives, provide financial autonomy, and they should also be accountable,” he said.

He vowed to improve the system by empowering the representatives, hold direct elections for mayors, and said all parties will participates in the next local bodies election.

He said the local bodies system should be give more authority and financial autonomy, and the union council, tehsil, and district council will be made independent in the new system.

The provincial minister said that Imran Khan will choose the nominations for the mayors as he is the party chairman, and parliamentarians will run campaigns in their constituencies, adding that complete details about the local government system is mentioned in their party manifesto.

He further said local bodies will be called to give their feedback and suggestions for the new system and the shortcomings in the 2001 local bodies system.

Regarding the tree plantation campaign, Aleem Khan said he will plant fifty thousand trees and will bear the cost himself.



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