All Afghan highways need major repair

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KABUL (TOLOnews): Officials at the Afghanistan Land Transport Coordination and Organizing Chamber said that currently all highways in the country need serious reconstruction.

“Our problem is that from the beginning of the year, the relevant institutions spend their time on paperwork and start working at the end of the year, but with the arrival of winter, this work stops and the roads are destroyed again,” said Tala Mohammad Atmanzai, head of the council of transportation companies.

Meanwhile, a number of drivers and officials of transportation companies are concerned about the poor condition of the country’s highways and say that they will face many challenges in the coming winter.

They say that although the Kabul-Kandahar highway and the Salang road have been the most broken-down, the government has done nothing to repair them.

The Kabul-Kandahar highway, one of the highways that cost more than half a billion dollars to build, has deteriorated over the past few years and is in very bad condition.

This highway is one of the important supply routes for the east and north of the country.

The Salang road has been rebuilt several times so far and a number of drivers are concerned about the current condition of the road and say it may close this winter.

“Winter has not arrived yet and cars cannot go on the Salang roads, so in some places we use various tools so that our cars do not get stuck,” said Abdul Rahim, a driver.

“We have a plan for this sector but, unfortunately, due to a lack of security, we have not been able to begin major reconstruction of important roads and highways this year. But with the new leadership, the grounds will be prepared for starting work in this sector,” said Mohammad Ashraf Haq Shanas, deputy spokesman for the ministry of Ministry of Public Works.

The country’s highways in recent years have cost billions of dollars, but drivers say many of those roads and highways have been destroyed due to the poor quality work of contractors and the overloading of trucks.

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