All status quo parties ganged up against PTI: Imran Khan

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LAHORE: PTI chairman Imran Khan said all the status quo parties had ganged up against his party in the coming parliamentary elections.

“The world says Pakistan is descending into chaos. Today I am entrusting the children of the country to mobilise their families to make a Naya Pakistan,” Imran Khan told a gathering of his supporters in Lahore on the days of his whirlwind election campaign.

“When I was a child; the dollar was 5 rupees. Today it is over 130 rupees. Their children have become billionaires and have looted this country and left it behind,” he said, referring to the Sharif family.

“Yes, Lahoris, I still remember your passion from last time. I haven’t forgotten a thing,” he said. “It’s time to take matters into your hands. Go out on 25th July 2018. Change your fate!”

Khan again criticized the Sharif family.

“And the tales of being so innocent and downtrodden; I have not seen acting like this in even Indian movies. Now They say they are being bitten by mosquitos in Adiala; they are feeling heat because they don’t have AC’s,” he said.

“When I was raising money for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, I was advised to somehow engage children in my campaign. That’s when I started going to schools,” he said.

“Today is the last day; 12;00 is when the campaigning ends and I will complete my speeches. But I want to tell our sisters, our women that you have a big role in bringing people out!”

Prominent Shia Scholar Allama Shehenshah Hussain Naqvi voiced his support for Imran Khan.

“If there is any leader after Quaid-e-Azam and Bhutto who can change the fate of Pakistan is only Imran Khan,” Allama Naqvi said.

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