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Peter Akopov

Although only a year has passed since the previous presidential elections in the United States, the country’s political forces are already fully preparing for the next, especially since they are expected to involve such a terrible competitor for the entire American elite as Trump. So yesterday the former owner of the White House was forced to refute the information thrown into the media that he allegedly received a positive test for covid before the debate with Biden.
The incumbent’s intention to run in the November 2024 elections is also announced in the current administration, but it’s almost impossible to believe it. It’s not that Biden’s rating has now dropped to 36 percent – it’s just that he will turn 82 in a couple of weeks after the new elections. Age itself will become the president’s main opponent. By that time, Trump will also be a lot – 78, but against the background of Biden, he already looks great. So the Democrats urgently need to look for a candidate who can stop Trump’s revenge, and it is desirable to decide as soon as possible.
After all, time is running out: in a year they will lose the midterm elections and lose control of Congress. In theory, Trump could even become the Speaker of the House of Representatives – for this you do not need to be elected to Congress – and run for president from the post of “man number three.” But in any case, Democrats need to prepare for the fact that the 2024 elections will be held in unfavorable circumstances: the division of society will only intensify, Trump’s popularity will not fall, and the rating of the Biden administration will be extremely low. Only a miracle or a very strong presidential candidate can save the Democrats. Not even a candidate – a candidate.
Yes, it has long been decided that a woman should become president. But the first pancake came out not even a lump, but a disaster for the establishment – Hillary Clinton lost the election to Trump. The second approach to the projectile also turned out to be no better – Kamala Harris was appointed vice president to Biden precisely as the future president. The calculation was simple: if anything happened to Joe, she would replace him until 2024, and under normal circumstances she would become a presidential candidate and win the next election. But after a year of Harris’s vice presidency (in fact, much earlier), it be-came clear that nothing was sticking together: Kamala’s ratings are even lower than Biden’s, and even the democratic electorate has no confidence in her.
It is theoretically possible to promote Harris in the remaining three years, but practically impossible. Neither her personal qualities, nor the upcoming activities of the Biden administration – Harris promise no profit, but there will be plenty of losses. So a new candidate is needed. But where can I get it?
Before the last elections, the Democrats had several prominent ladies. First of all – Senator Elizabeth Warren. But it, as too left for the establishment, was pushed aside – in the same place as the popular Bernie Sanders. We bet on Harris, but she failed. There are several notable women in the Gang of Four in the House of Representatives – but they are extremely radical and far more leftist than the older generation, so they will simply scare away even the mainstream Dem-ocratic voters. In addition, the leader of the “gang” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is only 32 years old, so she cannot be nominated for the presidency.
But there are universal candidates, popular in themselves, not belonging to the political class? Oh sure. But Oprah Winfrey is no longer young, and the Democrats were simply doomed to remember the only one left with them – Michelle Obama.
Yes, the former first lady will turn 60 in 2024 – practically a girl against the background of others, including Trump. She was very popular as the president’s wife, and some generally considered her the real head of the family – but Michelle has always publicly rejected all assumptions about the possibility of a political career.
Recently, sociologists from the HarrisX service and the Hill publication conducted a poll among Democratic voters about who should be a presidential candidate in 2024 if Biden does not run. Kamala Harris came in first with 13 percent, followed by Michelle Obama with ten. All other candidates received less than five percent of the vote – and among them was the popular Bernie Sanders (he will be 84 in 2024), and the openly gay Pete Buttigiech, the minister of transport.
That is, Michelle Obama, without even starting any campaign or occupying any posts, is already breathing in the back of Harris, who is celebrated simply by virtue of her position. There is no doubt that if Michelle decides to run, her rating will skyrocket, she will become the undisputed favorite to be nominated in 2024. But does she need it herself.
Of course not – after all, she could easily have become a candidate for vice president in 2020. Biden then said that he would not hesitate to choose “this brilliant woman” as his partner, but doubts that she is interested in this position.
And Michelle herself a year before the last elections, answering the question of what are the chances of her running for the presidency, said that they are zero, because “this is simply not for me.”
But even then they addressed her almost like a messiah: “Did you think that the country needs you and that you could really help our nation?”
Now the heat will be even stronger: she will be called upon to save Am-erica. If the “Washington swamp” decides that only Michelle can stop Trump, a massive campaign will begin to refine both herself and public opinion.
Leaving the White House, Barack Obama said that “Michelle will never run for president”:
“I’ll joke and say that she is too sensible to want to get involved in politics.”
Prudence is, of course, a good thing, but the feeling of impending catastrophe with which the American establishment lives may lead to the fact that Michelle Obama will still allow himself to be persuaded to “save America.” More precisely, try to do it – after all, in order to defeat Trump, extraordinary electoral technologies or a miracle will be needed. The first ones have already been applied once – so now we can only hope for the second.

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