American kids and Operation Flying Formula

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According to White House Press Department, American Military transport aviation has begun emergency importation of scarce milk formulas for newborns into the United States from Europe. According to details, the first military plane is scheduled to deliver 35,000 tons of baby food to the city of Indianapolis on Sunday. A baby formula crisis erupted in the United States in recent weeks after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shut down a baby formula manufacturing plant on suspicion of contamination with disease-causing bacteria. The Biden administration could not manage approval of Emergency funds for procurement of infant formula due to strong opposition from Republicans in the Senate, who consider it wastage of taxpayers’ money on temporary measures. While Biden’s aides are trying to grasp credit for launching Operation Flying Formula to fulfill urgent needs of American kids instead of taking responsibility for their mismanagement and slackness in taking timely measures to satisfy public need.

The Biden administration and American public were surprised when self-sufficient America ran out of essential baby food despite vast production capacity and massive reserves of the commodity in the country. Presently, baby and toddlers’ formulas have completely disappeared from the stores across the United States and disproportionately hurting vulnerable infants and low-income families that neither have resources to procure the formulas from the open market at high prices nor can manage its availability through other sources. Parents are extremely desperate due to nonviability of formulas and many started diluting the food and some trying to make their own from scratch, typically moms cannot breast feed their babies due to jobs and fear of attached health conditions and fitness problems. Pediatricians had warned the nation that the deficiency stemming from loss of nutrition could turn into a serious catastrophe if it could not be managed on an urgent basis.

The crisis had been invented by the FDA, when it shut down a formula manufacturing plant of Abbott Laboratories on suspicion of contamination in February. The closure of a major manufacturing facility halted the production of about 40-50 percent of the country, while the Biden administration failed to take alternative measures and domestic stock exhausted rapidly and the nation struck a countrywide formula crisis. The angry Biden administration grilled the FDA Commissioner for incompetence of the department in handling of issue and rushed for approval of the legislation for provision of $ 28 million to fund emergency measures to fulfill urgent needs of the country, but opposition from Republican lawmakers blocked its efforts. Currently, the Biden administration is under strong criticism of the American public due to its impotence in handling the situation, while, Biden ministers are championing the launch of the operation flying Formula and advertising administration’s seriousness about the infants’ health and wellbeing of the American public.

Apparently, the conduct of American society was highly obnoxious during the formula crisis as politicians politicized a public issue and played with the lives of nation’s kids, FDA demonstrated lax behavior, administration failed to take remedial actions and doctors created unnecessary panic while moms preferred their fitness instead of toddlers’ health. According to analysts, absence of mothers’ nursing has resulted in acute selfishness and apathy in western societies, if Americans want to change these manners, they have to abandon the legacy of their ancestors.

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