American PhD Threatens Russia and China with Cyberattacks

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Alexander Sharkovsky

Is the US ready for an armed conflict with Russia, and are the Americans ready to send their sons and daughters to fight? Asks Robert Bishop, Dean of the University of South Florida School of Engineering and Founder, President and CEO of the Institute of Applied Engineering. At the beginning of the article, the cynicism of his reasoning is off the charts. Bishop points to the military effectiveness of the use of drones and immediately concludes that this is not enough to bring to their knees the main opponents of the United States, those who do not want to grovel in front of Washington. He deliberately bypasses information about civilians killed by American weapons in Afghanistan, Syria and Iran. Dr. Bishop published his demagogic opus in the American Internet newspaper The Hill.
Bishop’s cheap propaganda tricks can hardly convince anyone of his rightness. But, it is worth considering that the article is aimed primarily at the internal reader. His blinkeredness is striking; in general, a man of science should think more freely. He begins his article with the fact that over the past 20 years, the United States has effectively used drones “to get rid of terrorists hiding in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.” At the same time, he does not want to mention civilians killed by the same drones, including women, children and the elderly, who, even at a stretch, cannot look like terrorists. Suffice it to recall the events of August 29 this year, when an American drone attacked a civilian vehicle in which there was a person who collaborated with the US military, and his entire family, including children. Nobody wants to count the war crimes of the US Army.
Incidentally, Bishop concluded that “the drone cannot cope with the growing threats in many conflicts that arise.” He said there was still a way “to make Russia think twice about Ukraine, or, for that matter, not to spoil the American elections and stop laying pipelines. Without a single shot. ” Every word in this Bishop’s article is saturated with the poison of anti-Russian propaganda. He admits that he is neither a politician nor a military leader, but nevertheless he undertakes to give advice to both of them on how to win the war against Russia, or, say, China.
It can be stated that Bishop in general knowledge of the news agenda is somewhat superior to the average American, but not very much. For example, he only knows that “the Russians and the Chinese are testing hypersonic ballistic missiles.”
But he doesn’t seem to have the slightest idea that both Russia and China already have hypersonic missiles in service, which he admits are “so fast that the Americans may not have enough time to respond.”
What way did Bishop find to defeat both the PRC and the Russian Federation immediately and unconditionally? Leave the floor to himself, he writes: “Even the most sophisticated technologies are still controlled by computer chips, and if there is a chip inside, it can be hacked. We know how to hack.” That is, this unique person openly declares that he can conduct a cyberattack against anyone, at his discretion: “With a few clicks of the keyboard, I can reject your credit card. Then, when you come to your car, I can prevent the engine from starting. Cars also have chips. Suddenly it turns out you cannot take a taxi to the airport. If you somehow make it there, your flight will be canceled. Destroy, disorient and disarm and all without firing a shot … The reality of the conflict has changed, and we need to adapt. The problem is, that we are not teaching our next generation of thinkers to think about the conflicts of the next generation. ” In other words, he calls for an all-out cyber war involving all educated Americans, especially young people, against all enemies of the United States, the entire population of countries recorded as opponents by American propaganda, including the elderly, women and children.
Bishop is calling for American engineering students to be taught how to wage war in other ways, that is, to fight in cyberspace. And this, in his opinion, is ethical. True, by the end of his writings, pacifist notes began to be traced. This doctor admits: “Over the past 20 years, the United States has sacrificed too many of its sons and daughters. The United States has taken too many collateral lives because American drone striking technology is error-prone. It’s time to use America’s most powerful weapon to defend America — the brilliant young minds of America’s best students. We need to empower them to use less lethal ways to deal with threats to America in a way that avoids a war that could engulf all Americans. ” I read his article and come to the conclusion that in the course of writing it, he first thought about the fact that America might not win in a war against Russia or China. Here, he went beyond US state propaganda and yet generated his own thoughts. One thing is not clear – why did he decide that the United States will not receive a crushing response for the cyber attacks?
I confess, I would have bypassed this largely naive article if Dr. Bishop had not started with a vile lie as a seed. In addition, his opus was published by not the least important online edition. Besides, whatever the author is, but, nevertheless, a scientist. We can say, thanks to him, it turned out to get acquainted with the opinion of American people of science. Not all, we will not generalize, but some part of the US scientific community, I hope – not the majority.

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