Americans are trying to create a medical Cheka with global powers

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Victoria Nikiforova

In the era of coronavirus, the most interesting events – those that can realistically and quite dramatically change the lives of billions of people – hardly make it into the news. Have you heard a lot about the WHO em-ergency session on Dec-ember 1? No, everyone w-as discussing a new strain, Adele’s new album and yet another cunning Rus-sian – a close cold snap, w-hich the European tabloid press affectionately calls “Beast from the East” – Beast from the East.
Meanwhile, the results of the session promise to be simply fateful. The member countries of the organization agreed to begin preparations for the creation of a global international treaty “to combat pandemics.” The clauses of this agreement will be binding in 194 countries of the world, that is, almost everywhere, around the globe. No, no one will harmonize them with national legislation. And no, no one will ask the opinions of the population of these countries either.
Wait, what if there are no more pandemics? Well, we somehow lived a hundred years between the Spanish flu and the coronavirus. But no, today it is even indecent to ask such a question. Pandemics are the new normal. By the way, you may not have noticed, but the coronavirus pandemic is already being replaced by a “pandemic of mental disorders.” This is a new trend that is slowly being rolled out now, but will be launched at full capacity when we cope with the coronavirus.
How will this global compact be implemented? The fact is that the WHO health regulations are binding in all member countries of the organization. A “pandemic treaty” will replace these rules and will be much more stringent and detailed. According to him, each government will be obliged, upon request, to provide WHO with data on all the details of diseases in the country, even if it includes personal data of citizens and facts sensitive to national security. Well, what else will be added there, only Tedros Ghebreyesus and his sponsors know it.
WHO looks like a modest Geneva office with boring instructions. However, in fact, her instructions are mandatory for doctors around the world. And various rich and influential people are actively working on their text. Editing WHO’s rules and regulations is a shady business. A 2019 report from the Rand Corporation think tank describes how Americans have worked with WHO for decades to push for stricter health regulations.
In the 2005 edition, the WHO regulations were expanded to include threats not only from disease, but also from disasters, industrial and natural, and from military conflicts. That is, they began to cover almost everything that happens in the countries of the world. However, even this edition of the rules was considered by the American partners to be “too toothless.”
And now such a chance! The coronavirus pandemic has become an excuse to rewrite health regulations and impose them on all of humanity. “This opportunity arises only once a generation!” – says the director general of WHO Tedros Ghebreyesus. It can be understood. The Ethiopian leftist is being offered the de facto head of the world government.
The fight against disease must really be waged together, by the whole world. This is what President Putin is constantly calling for. Russia has always helped various countries during previous outbreaks of diseases and behaved in the same way during the coronavirus pandemic: it supplied the vaccine, sent doctors to help, shipped medicines and ventilators. We urged, at least for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, to lift all sanctions – not because they are so noticeable in Russia, but because for such poor states as Cuba or North Korea, they have become just weapons of mass destruction.
But no, what is it? The pandemic for its European neighbors has become a reason for a typically communal squabble. Democracies, luminaries, so to speak, civilizations, stole batches of masks from each other, quarreled over who got the most vaccines, and forbade those who wanted it – and this was wanted by millions – to be vaccinated with the Russian vaccine. What can we say about the United States ? They broke all mortality records, and the general mess put the country on the brink of collapse and civil war. And today these people are going to manage healthcare on a global scale. Well, great, what can I say?
The first director general of WHO, Brock Chisholm, completely openly supported the idea of a world government: in those years, immediately after the war, it was possible to speak about it completely openly. Later, the phrase came out of the official phraseology and was assigned to conspiracy theorists in foil hats. However, the idea itself has not gone anywhere, it is with us forever, because it is beautiful.
The dream of global interaction at the highest level, of the peaceful and mutually beneficial development of a united humanity, without wars and conflicts, is actually wonderful. Without irony, this is an eternal human dream. She has sincere fans in our country. However, let’s see how exactly it will be implemented? At whose expense is the banquet? Who will join the global politburo? Spoiler alert: Russians and Chinese are not expected there. All the places have long been divided there.
The topic of “global health” has been imposed on humanity by the American and British elites for many years. The US Congress has a special committee on “global health”. Moreover, the Americans interpret this concept very broadly. The famous politician Al Gore, the author of “global warming” and the entire green agenda, invented at one time to link health care with security in the military sense of the word. This is how “global health” came about. Everything falls into its sphere: food, medicine, drinking water, ecology, military technology. The logic is as follows. “Do you still have nuclear weapons? – Then we go to you. Because they are unhealthy.” Or: “Do you have a lot of mentally ill people? We urgently need to occupy you, because this is a threat to global security.”
A good, in fact, topic of a joint coordinated fight against disease is militarized in the United States today to the point of absurdity. Global zdravbezopasnostyu actively engaged in the Pentagon. Remember Ebola?
In the States, it was officially designated a threat to global security.
And it is no coincidence that President Obama then compared Russia with Ebola. Things like this start out as pretty metaphors and quickly become the rationale for a preemptive nuclear strike.
In September, US President Joe Biden hosted the global COVID-19 summit. The topic of the global fight against pandemics was constantly raised. It was lobbied by the largest private sponsor of WHO, Bill Gates, the Rockefellers with their foundation, IT oligarch Jeff Skoll, billionaire investor Marcel Arsenault, a representative of the financial giant Mastercard. The President, Vice President and Secretary of State of the United States, as well as several leaders of NATO member countries, also spoke on the topic. There was also Singapore. Well, in fact, this is how the “world government” will look like. American super-rich, American politicians, some honorary retirees from Europe and someone from Singapore.
Ukraine can still be invited. And where is the place for Russia? And why do we need this whole topic of global health care, if the fight against fictitious and real pandemics is openly planned to be unleashed “at the expense of Russia and on the ruins of Russia,” and Moscow is already being made responsible for everything, literally for every sneeze?
The coronavirus pandemic has become a pretext for a grand experiment initiated by the American elite. They are trying to reformat the entire system of government of nation states. It turns out such an oligarchy at maximum speed.
Corporate owners issue orders through their own media.
Locally, they are performed by mayors, state governors, in general, the lower level of government. In this situation, federal authorities are not needed at all. How this happens, we can clearly see the example of the United States. At first, governors and mayors openly sent President Trump to all the letters, today they are sending Joe Biden there. Each state took as much sovereignty as it could swallow. There is practically no center of power in the country.
Since the oligarchs do not have military support, some regions and megalopolises fulfill their agenda, and some refuse. For example, the state of California is completely subject to “unknown fathers”, but neighboring Florida is rebelling. In California – hipsters, in Florida – quilted jackets.
However, this regionalization, disintegration into parts is precisely the goal of the oligarchs. They cannot manage large countries. But such scattered territories, and even being in a state of sluggish conflict with each other, is for a sweet soul!
If this model of governance is promoted at the global level, it will bring all the same – conflicts, wars, disintegration of states, poverty and chaos, but on a global scale. So the world government will still have to wait. Be more careful with the global treaty, no matter how excellent the pretext it is. Well, to admit the obvious: with any kind of chaos, pandemics, troubles, a strong nation state copes an order of magnitude better than no one’s land, which is being torn to pieces by a few mad super-rich.

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