American’s sanctions on Iran

As tensions between the Islamic Iranian Regime and United States are rising with each passing day, new allegations have come up on Iran imposed by United States. US has expressed grave concern over involvement of Iran in a chemical weapon program. The relevant authorities are also planning to impose new sanctions. On the matter, Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State has said the United States condemns any Iranian regime involvement in a chemical weapons program and will sanction those involved in any such activity.

On this heated issue, US designated Iranian defense entity Shahid Meisami Group and its director, Mehran Babri, under Executive Order 13382, which targets proliferators of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or WMD delivery systems, and their supporters.

Additionally, Shahid Meisami Group was designated for being owned or controlled by the Iranian Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (SPND), which was designated pursuant to E.O. 13382 in 2014. As a part of SPND, Shahid Meisami Group engaged in activities raising concerns regarding Iran’s obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, including SPND projects for which it was responsible involving the testing and production of chemical agents for use as so-called incapacitation agents.

Mehran Babri was designated today for acting on behalf of Shahid Meisami Group, Pompeo said. In addition to the freezing of any US assets held by Shahid Meisami Group and Mehran Babri, both will be denied access to the US financial system and listed online as WMD proliferators. The United States is concerned about the regime’s true intent with regard to the testing and production of these so-called chemical incapacitation agents, which could be used either to further oppress Iranian citizens or for offensive purposes.

Secretary of State has also reaffirmed that United States remains firmly committed to countering the full range of the regime’s malign activities. It expects the international community to maintain vigilance against the regime’s illicit capabilities and behavior. Analysts say that U.S “Iran-phobia” has the potential to damage the peace of the Middle East because of its one-sided harsh policies towards Iran only in the region.

Particularly under the Trump administration Iran has suffered bone-breaking sanctions by United States. The Trump administration perceived Iran as a genuine threat to the peace of Middle East and the entire world and has declared it as “Terrorist regime”. It also has made several allegations upon Iran for sponsoring and facilitating terrorism in its neighboring countries.

Being world super-power and peace-maker, United States should review its policies towards Iran as sanctioning and isolating a country will not bring out fruitful outcomes. The Trump administration has also since shown its determination to sanction any foreign country or company that does not comply with its Iran policies, and this depicts as if United States is paranoid of Iran and its Islamic regime. There is a need of dialogues between U.S and Iran in order to resolve its prevailing issues. Because U.S callous sanctions and embargoes are not only damaging Iran’s economy but are causing serious concerns for the citizens and foreigners living in the country, in terms of poor living standards, unemployment, poor health facilities and curbed opportunities for a better future of the Iranian people. The policies of moral-less sanctions and tug-of-war between U.S and Iran will lead towards nowhere; it will definitely disturb the balance of region, reciprocally damaging world peace. United States have to prove that it’s actually a “custodian of peace” and not “paranoid of Iran.”

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