America’s unwarranted assertion

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The US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has informed the media about the inclusion of twenty-seven foreign entities and individuals in the Entity List for engaging in activities that are contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States. According to reports, the twenty-seven entities and individuals are located in China, Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, and Russia. While making the announcement of listing of foreign firms, US Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo said that this action will help prevent the diversion of US technologies to the PRC’s and Russia’s military advancement and activities of non-proliferation concerns like Pakistan’s unsafeguarded nuclear activities or ballistic missile program. According to details, eight firms are based in the People’s Republic of China added to the list to prevent American emerging technologies from being used for the PRC’s quantum computing efforts that support military applications, such as counter-stealth and counter-submarine applications, and the ability to encryption breaking or development of unbreakable encryption. Sixteen entities and individuals operating in China and Pakistan were added to the Entity List based on their contributions to Pakistan’s nuclear activities or ballistic missile program. According to details, several entities including Q&N Traders, U.H.L. Company, Jiuding Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Equipment Co (Pvt) Ltd, K-SOFT Enterprises, Broad Engineering. Seljuk Traders Limited, Global Tech Engineers, Prime Tech, Techlink, Asay Trade & Supplies, Al-Qertas, and Jade Machinery Pvt. Ltd., all located in Pakistan, had been included in the Entity List based on their contributions to Pakistan’s alleged unsafeguarded nuclear activities. Similarly, two Pakistani national Muhammad Ashraf and Muhammad Farrukh were added to the list of entities for alleged involvement in procuring items subject to the EAR on behalf of Techlink.

The United States administration has a mechanism of restricting other nations, particularly rival countries from using its technology for defense purposes without its authorization/permission and usually imposes a ban on purchase/ export of sensitive technologies to other nations. Being a sovereign nation, it has full right to refuse sale of its products and technologies to any nation/firm but defaming other nations in this garb is completely deplorable. The US’s Department of Commerce banned a few Pakistani firms on accusations of contributing to alleged unsafeguarded nuclear activities and ballistic missile programs, which is a totally untrue, biased, and irresponsible assertion of the US government department. While declaring Pakistan’s nuclear program unsafeguarded, US Secretary of Commerce, Gina M. Raimondo totally ignored the facts that Pakistani Nuclear and Missile programs are completely secure under multi-layers safeguards which had been duly recognized by the US government and international nuclear organizations furthermore there is no single incident of professional or security negligence with respect to nuclear security of Pakistan, whereas there are several incidents of loss or mishandling of nuclear weapons by the US authorities during the past. In fact, Gina’s nation had used nuclear weapons against Japan seven decades ago, the first use of this deadly weapon in history, while the Russian government has reported that the US Air Force has been practicing use of Nukes against the Russian Federation during recent days. Therefore, while blaming other nations for irresponsible conduct the US must check its own record in that arena. Pakistan must raise this issue with the Biden administration and categorically denounce this unwarranted assertion of the US Secretary of Commerce which is factually incorrect.

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