An unfortunate mistake: How Barack Obama turned Scotland into Ireland

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Ilya Kharlamov

Reservations are common among public politicians. They are not bio-robots and can make mistakes. So Obama confused Scotland with Ireland.
At a recent climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, ex-US President Barack Obama, trying to compliment the hosts of the event, called their homeland “The Emerald Isle”, reports the “360” TV channel. However, this is the name of another country. In addition to the “cultural and geographical” inaccuracy, and “Emerald Isle” is a purely poetic name for Ireland because of the amazing emerald color washing it, Obama incorrectly called the Englishman William Shakespeare a bard.
In fact, the outstanding Scottish poet Robert Burns called himself a bard. In one of his poems, he wrote: “I am a simple bard and I cannot create according to the rules of art, but I pour out, as I can, my souls of unrestrained feelings.” In general, it turned out annoyingly, Mr. Obama carelessly prepared for his visit to Scotland.
In general, reservations are a common thing for public politicians. They are not bio-robots and can make mistakes. For example, in his speech on Russia, current US President Joe Biden mispronounced the name of Vladimir Putin and confused escalation and vaccination (which is not surprising in a pandemic era). True, he immediately corrected himself. Donald Trump, when he was the head of the United States, cited a non-existent AIDS vaccine as an example of progress in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus.
Emmanuel Macron, during a visit to Sydney, called the wife of the Australian Prime Minister “tasty”. He unsuccessfully used in his speech in English a consonant, but different in meaning, the French word for “charming.” There was an embarrassment. Of course, no global conclusions can be drawn from all these stories. But you still need to prepare more thoroughly for international visits.

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