ANF recovers over 1401 kg narcotics; arrests 26 accused

RAWALPINDI (APP): Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) while conducting raids in different areas of the country managed to recover over 1401 kg narcotics and arrested 26 accused during last 10 days. According to an ANF Headquarters spokesman, ANF in an operation conducted a raid in Islamabad and arrested an accused on recovery of 90 kg charras and 30 kg opium. The accused was trying to smuggle drugs from Khyber Agency to Punjab.
In another operation, the ANF recovered 1.792 kg cocaine at Islamabad International Airport, tactfully concealed in trousers.
In a raid, the ANF recovered narcotics including 52.800 kg charras, and 22.800 kg opium from a car and held two drug smugglers. In another operation, the ANF arrested three accused on recovery of 38.40 kg charras and 27.600 kg opium. The drug smugglers were trying to smuggle narcotics from Peshawar to Punjab through a Hiace van and a Suzuki Mehran car.
The spokesman informed that ANF Peshawar acting on a tip-off conducted a raid and recovered 31.200 kg charras from a car and arrested an accused.
ANF Peshawar also recovered 2.640 kg heroin from possession of a passenger, going to Doha at Bacha Khan International Airport.
The force in a raid conducted at Kharlachi check post in Parachinar area recovered 435.600 kg charras and one kg suspicious powder besides netting an Afghan national.
ANF Peshawar seized 19.2 kg charras and 15.6 kg opium from two cars and netted two accused.
ANF Karachi acting on a tip-off conducted a raid on Karachi-Hyderabad Super Highway and arrested an accused besides recovering six kg charras, concealed in a vacuum cleaner.
ANF and Motorway police in a joint operation recovered 20 kg heroin at Peshawar Motorway Toll Plaza while in another raid, ANF Peshawar recovered eight kg heroin from secret cavities of a car and arrested an accused.
Similarly, ANF Peshawar in its operation arrested a passenger, going to Bahrain at Bacha Khan International Airport and recovered 752 grams Ice-filled capsules.
The ANF Rawalpindi in an operation conducted a raid near Islamabad Toll Plaza and recovered 1250 grams Ice drug from the possession of a passenger, travelling in a Hiace van. Ice was tactfully concealed in a trolley bag.
The spokesman informed that a team of the Force conducted a raid near Motorway Interchange Islamabad and arrested four including two women.
The ANF Rawalpindi in its efforts to net the drug smugglers, managed to recover over 40 kg opium concealed in CNG cylinder and doors of a car.
The Force managed to recover 32.400 kg charras from a passenger bus near Toll Plaza, northern bypass Karachi and arrested three women and a man.
ANF Lahore in an operation recovered 95 heroin-filled capsules weighing 600 grams at Lahore International Airport and netted a passenger, going to Saudi Arabia.
An ANF team recovered 2.950 kg Ice drug from an office of a courier company in Lahore. The Ice drug which was tactfully concealed in sport goods were being sent to Australia.
Another bid to smuggle Ice drug was foiled as ANF recovered 160 grams Ice from a bed sheets parcel being sent to Norway.
In another raid, ANF Balochistan conducted a raid in Dalbandin, Balochistan and recovered 492 kg opium, 26 kg charras, five kg heroin and one kg Ice drug.
Separate cases have been registered against the accused while efforts are underway to net accomplices of the accused.