Angela Merkel will roll her waste to punk rock

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Mikhail Sheinkman

They have such a tradition in Germany – to arrange noisy fa-rewells to the chancellor to the songs that he himself chooses. Apparently, to show on the road once again who ordered the m-usic here. Angela Merk-el’s playlist includes the churchly “God, we praise you”, Hildegard Knef w-ith the composition “It must rain red roses for m-e” and the 1974 hit from the punk singer from the GDR Nina Hagen “You forgot the color film”.
Surprised. Everyone knows that her theme is Wagner. It is clear that she decided to exclude associations with the now more popular Russian carrier of this surname, which is usually referred to with the abbreviation PMC. But Hagen… Okay, if it’s youth nostalgia. Angela is then a little over twenty and she is still fond of nudism. And then the famous photo with two the same girlfriends just lacks color. She is in b / w. And if this is a longing for the GDR, like many, who, unlike her, stayed there? And the GDR is Putin.
In general, “what kind of repertoire is this? We need to sing something massively, s-modern… how does it… trawl-wali, tili-tili, this is not for us… tili-tili, we did not trawl-wali…”. Although it is not Ivan Vasilyevich that is more appropriate here, but Blotter. “Come on, mutter.” It is possible without “Ramstein”. We ourselves are weak.
Hello Frau Mutter, hello dear!
Hello Frau Mutter and goodbye!
There are no exes, so wait for the signal.
We will meet again by chance.
Mutter – you’re cool aunt.
Mutter is quite healthy.
Mutter – Marusya Klimova (We have your pseudonym).

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