Another audio leak allegedly exposes Imran’s narrative on horse trading

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The hacker has leaked another purported audio of PTI Chairman Imran Khan regarding his conversation on horse trading, on Friday.

In the purported audio, it could be heard that a voice believed to be of Imran Khan is saying that it’s a big mistake to think that they have (then opposition) got the numbers.

The voice says ‘don’t think that everything has gone. The next 48 hours from now are very important. Many things are going to happen in these 48 hours. I’m scheming many schemes and I cannot make them public.”

The purported voice of Imran further says “I’m buying five (members), I have got five. Ask him if he can buy five more, then we will have 10. Then the number game is in our hands. The public is alarmed at this time. People want us to win somehow. No one should worry whether it’s wrong or right, whatever is the trick! If he woos even one MNA, then it will make a big difference.”

Fawad claims new IK audio doctored

Meanwhile, former PTI information minister Fawad Chaudhry condemned the new purported audio leak of Imran Khan discussing ways of horse trading terming it doctored.

Taking to his Twitter handle on Friday, Fawad wrote: “Will you legitimize the NRO22 by joining voices like this? This won’t happen. People know where these audios are being made and how they are being made. Now the decision will be made during Haqeeqi Azadi March.”

Courtesy: (24news)