ANP foils attempted blast

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LAGHMAN: Police nabbed at least one suspect after being caught with a rickshaw fully loaded with explosive in Qarghaee district of Laghman, the Ministry of Interior Affairs said in a statement Monday. Officials have seized 120 kilograms of explosives, avoiding a huge blow in the crowded city of Laghman. “As a result of search operation, ANP seized an explosives-rigged rickshaw in Qarghaee district of Laghman province,” said MoIA.

“The rickshaw was carrying 120kg of explosives & a suspected terrorist arrested in connection to this seizure.”

Meanwhile, security officials urged Afghan citizens to report any suspicious activities through dialing 119 and their identity will be kept confidential.

“The timely discovery of the explosives has foiled terror attack & saved the city from tragedy,” the statement read. “ANP encourages all citizens to report suspicious activities & criminal acts by dialing 119 & their identity won’t be disclosed. (Khaama Press)

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