ANP will win the next general elections: Senator

F.P. Report

BANNU: Awami National Party senior leader Senator Baz Muhammad Khan said that the dissident members of the party will not be deceived at any cost and despite their reservation they would not relinquish the movement of non violent philosopher Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan.

Addressing a joining ceremony in district Bannu Domail, Baz Muhammad Khan said that the masses better knows that who deserving to be voted in next general elections. He said that non can impose their decision on the masses and the public will not be deceived on hollow slogans of the opponents.

Regarding the remarks of Sher Azam Wazir Baz Muhammad Khan said that they are non violent philosopher and never attack the personal life of any leader and said that Sher Azam Wazir does not suites to use mucky language against leader of other political parties.

He said that there must be some limit while criticizing others and if Awami National Party disclosed the facts then there would  be nothing hidden from the masses regarding their performance.

He said that public better knows that how to judge a politician and the power of vote is the only scale through which one could judge its elected representative and their performance.

He said that ANP workers believe on practical work and during its previous term Awami National Party completed record developmental works for the uplift of the area.

On this occasion former ANP dissident members rejoined the party and vowed to work with other leaders to strengthen the party at gross root level.