Antonio Guterres: Freezing of Afghanistan’s Funds Bear humanitarian crisis

Kabul (BNA): UN Secretary-General says, freezing of Afghanistan’s funds, as well as cold of winter, have been creating a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

On a press conference in New York, Antonio Guterres criticized the freezing of Afghanistan’s monetary by the world, saying the funds should be released to save Afghanistan from economic crisis and hunger. The UN Secretary-General has said that cold of winter and the frozen assets of Afghanistan are a deadly combination for the people of this country.

According to him, the rules and conditions that prevent the use of funds in Afghanistan to save the lives of the people and the economy of this country should be suspended. In this news conference yesterday, Guterres called for the release of Afghan refugees in foreign countries, especially in the United States. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told reporters on Thursday that “freezing temperatures and frozen funds are a lethal combination for the people of Afghanistan” and “rules and conditions that prevent funds from being used to save lives and the economy must be suspended in this emergency situation. He also called for the return of Afghanistan’s banking system to normal and launch of urgent and planned humanitarian operations to save Afghanistan from an economic and humanitarian crisis. He stressed that at least the function of the Central Bank of Afghanistan should be resolute to pave the way for the conditional release of Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves. “We must even work to quickly inject liquidity into the economy and prevent the collapse that will lead to poverty, hunger and famine for millions” Guttieres added.

He also said that the United Nations is ready to accelerate the process of humanitarian aid to needy families in Afghanistan with the countries of the world. With the collapse of the previous government, world aids to Afghanistan cut off and along with these countries, especially the United States, they froze at least ten billion dollars of Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves This increased unemployment and hunger in the country and led Afghanistan to a full-blown humanitarian crisis. On the other hand, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on the international community to increase aids for the Afghan people. World Food Organization says more than 60 percent of Afghans are currently living below the poverty and more than 70 percent do not have access to enough edible Items.