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Antonio Guterres urges to stop attacks on Rohingya Muslims

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NEW YORK: Secretary General of United Nation, Antonio Guterres has admitted that Myanmar forces were committing atrocities on the Rohingya Muslims and they were being ethnically cleansed in Myanmar.

He demanded to stop the military campaign in Rakhine state and provided justice to the innocent and oppressed Muslims of Rohingya.

UN Secretary General said this before the Security Council to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar. Reports of security forces attacks on the unarmed civilians are unacceptable and very disturbing, he added.

Around 380,000 fled across the border into neighboring Bangladesh after the crackdown by Myanmar army which followed by Rohingya militants late last month, he added.

The 1.1-million strong Rohingya Muslims were facing discrimination in Myanmar from years, where they are denied citizenship despite that many have longstanding roots in the country.

But Guterres further added that the Myanmar government should grant the Rohinya Muslims nationality or legal status to allow them to live a normal life.

Myanmar´s leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been widely condemned for a lack of moral leadership and compassion in the face of the crisis, denting the Nobel peace laureate´s reputation.

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