‘Any intentions to see Kiev in NATO are unacceptable for us’

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Evgeny Odintsov

Russia condemns the theses of the charter on strategic cooperation signed by Ukraine and the United States, said Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov. Moscow is categorically against the supply of weapons to Kiev and believes that the document is a “set of harmful slogans” directed against it.
Russia negatively evaluates the charter on strategic bilateral cooperation signed by the United States and Ukraine, said Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov . The document, in particular, provides for the supply of weapons to Kiev, the possible accession of Ukraine to NATO and European integration.
According to Antonov, the Russian Federation regards the charter as a “set of harmful slogans” aimed at exacerbating the situation, and not at reducing tension, and geopolitically charged with countering Russia.
“Any intentions to see Kiev in NATO are unacceptable for us. Plans to supply weapons to the “Kiev regime” will only exacerbate the situation in southeastern Ukraine. We believe that another opportunity has been missed to force Kiev to stop the war, ”the official Facebook page of the Russian Embassy in the United States quotes the diplomat.
In addition, Russia is alarmed that the meeting between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba in Washington took place against the backdrop of aggravation in the Black Sea.
This refers to the passage of military American and NATO ships in the water area and near the borders of the Russian Federation, which Moscow regards as an attempt to check the defense of Russia.
“I would like to believe that the US-Ukrainian agreements are not Washington’s retreat from the“ spirit of Geneva ”. It was there that the American side confirmed the need to implement the Minsk agreements, which, by the way, are not mentioned in the charter, ”Antonov recalled, stressing that only the full implementation of the Minsk agreements can stabilize the situation in southeastern Ukraine.
Kuleba, referring to this fact, noted that the charter was “signed very timely”.
What is the charter?
The United States and Ukraine signed the charter the day before. The representative of the United States stressed at a joint press conference that the document “confirms the United States’ unshakable commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”
The charter lists types of US-Ukrainian cooperation in a number of critical areas. For example,
Washington assumes responsibility to help Kiev achieve energy security and work to ensure that Moscow “does not use energy as a geopolitical weapon.”
Separately, Blinken noted that Washington is working to put pressure on the Russian Federation and achieve an extension of gas transit through Ukraine. Let us remind you that according to the agreement between the United States and Germany on Nord Stream 2, it was the FRG that undertook such a mission. Subsequently, the Kiev authorities repeatedly expressed bewilderment and demanded that the German partners begin to act, fulfilling their obligations. What exactly is the “pressure” of the United States on Russia, Blinken did not specify. “We are also discussing ways to secure energy supplies to Ukraine, which includes providing new funding to help Ukraine diversify its energy resources,” the US Secretary of State explained.
In the context of Russia, it was also mentioned that the United States is concerned about “tensions” on the Russian-Ukrainian border and fears “a repeat of the 2014 event.”
The information that the Russian Federation is allegedly pulling up troops along the Ukrainian border was spread by the American media. Russia categorically denies this. At the same time, Ukraine also claims that it does not see a buildup of offensive forces from Russia.
But, according to Blinken, it is Moscow that is engaged in “provocations.” “We welcome the restraint of our Ukrainian partners and colleagues, which they continue to demonstrate, since the provocations that we observe do not come from them, but from Russia,” he said.
The charter assumes that Washington will continue to supply weapons to Kiev. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky asked about this during his visit to the United States. In response to a similar demand from Zelensky in Germany, by the way, they continue to insist that the supply of weapons will not help resolve the conflict in Donbass.
“We continue to provide the security assistance Ukraine needs, including lethal defensive weapons to defend against any Russian aggression. This is a vital aspect of our support and assistance, ”says Blinken.
Ukraine expressed gratitude for the willingness of its American allies to deepen defense cooperation, calling it a “message to the Kremlin.”
“The best way to contain an aggressive Russia is to let the Kremlin know that Ukraine is strong and has strong allies who will not leave it alone with the aggressor. This is the signal we sent to Moscow today, ”Kuleba said.
The charter, according to the statements of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry , will determine the direction of the American-Ukrainian development of relations for the next ten years. If the Washington administration changes, then, according to him, this will not in any way affect the implementation of the points of the document.

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