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Apple stopped to eavesdrop on users using Siri

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CALIFORNIA: In the history of Apple management rarely listened to the opinion of the users. However, not so long ago, everything changed: now cupertinos listen to the community and trying to fix existing problems.

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We will remind, last week in the media appeared information that Apple is recording user voice assistant Siri even without activating it.

Record, according to network sources, then transferred for analysis to third parties, though contained including medical information and other sensitive data.

Apple representatives said then that the recordings are only used to improve the quality of the services do not provide the ability to identify users and not even tied to the Apple ID. However, the company took the decision to cease collecting sound information.

We strive to provide the best experience using Siri, protecting the user’s privacy. At the time of the thorough analysis we interrupt our program of evaluating the quality of Siri on a global scale. In addition, with future software updates, users will have the opportunity to refuse participation in the assessment program, the statement says Apple.

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