Arbitrary detentions and American virtue

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According to western media, Lithuania will request the United States to obtain the necessary documents for the payment of compensation awarded by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to a Palestinian held in a secret CIA prison,on Lithuanian territory. According to reports, the ECHR has ordered Lithuania to pay the compensation of worth € 130 thousand to the lawyer of the Palestinian prisoner for legal costs.

A Palestinian Zayn al-Abidin Mohammed Hussein alias Abu Zubaydah was arrested during a joint Counter terrorism operation of the Pakistani Security Forces and CIA from Faisalabad in 2002. The CIA interrogated him several times and kept him in continuous captivity at several secret locations in various countries including Lithuania, Thailand, Poland, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and Morocco over the last 19 years. Although, Lithuanian government never recognized the presence of a secret CIA’s prison on its territory, it agreed to the ECHR’s verdict of payment of compensation to Abu-Zubaydah.

In fact, America’s Business of Black sites had flourished in several countries across the globe after 9/11 and ultimately got massive criticism and denunciation of the global community. The champion of human rights and freedoms itself remained involved in grave violations of its fundamental principles and values, which is apparently illustrative of the fact that the so-called human rights defender is subservient to its interest only. According to reports, US declared him Al-Qaeda’s number 3, after Bin Ladin and Ayman Al-Zuwairi and accused him of masterminding several terrorist attacks against the US. However, after long interrogations, in depth investigation and lengthy deliberations, American agencies agreed to the fact that he has no thing to do with terrorism or Al-Qaeda.

Abu-Zubaydah’s lawyers took the US, UK and several other countries to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions (UNWGAD). The US Supreme Court has ordered his release and ECHR’s imposed compensation on the arbitrators including the US and Lithuania. Although courts have announced verdicts in his favor, but, who will return 19 years of his life, who will undo his pain, suffering and defamation, no one has an answer to it.

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