Argentina pays tribute to Spanish artist Pablo Picasso

F.P. Report

BUENOS AIRES: Argentina’s National Museum of Fine Arts this week inaugurated the exhibition “Picasso in the Museum’s Collection” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

The works on display, dated between 1905-1959, include engravings, drawings and ceramics from his youth, as well as portraits of the significant women in his life and scenes in his workshop. Exhibition curator Paola Melgarejo told Xinhua that there are also pieces showing his interest in the interwar political situation, as well as fantastic animals with which he identified and which today are universally recognizable Picasso symbols.

“The idea is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s death. All the museums around the world that currently have works by Picasso are holding exhibitions,” she said, adding that the museum is displaying about 30 pieces in total until June, which are organized into five sections.

The museum’s director, Andres Duprat, pointed out in a statement that “Picasso embraced art with such passion and conviction that he became the great experimenter of the 20th century.”

“His formal inquiries and creations, and his technical quests consistently pushed the boundaries of art in a definitive way. It could perfectly be said that there is a before and an after Picasso in the history of art,” he concluded. (APP)