Ariana Purchases New Boeing 500-737 Airbus

KABUL (TOLONews): Officials from Ariana Afghan Airlines on Thursday announced that the aviation company has purchased a new Boeing-500-737 as part of its efforts to upgrade the aviation industry in the country and to provide modern services to its clients.

The airbus has the capacity of transferring 120 to 130 passengers on board.

Ariana Afghan Airlines officials said the company has invested $4.5 million to buy the airbus.

Airline officials said that currently the civil aviation company conducts up to 30 flights to over nine destinations a week across the world and the new airline will help to further upgrade aviation services to passengers.

“It is a good airline for those destinations where Ariana conducts flights. From a capacity and marketing perspective, the airbus can fly easily, because we have had experience with these planes in the past. including Model 400 and we do not need additional training for our engineers and pilots,” said Mohammad Nader Omar, chairman of Ariana Afghan Airlines.

Meanwhile, a number of citizens have said aviation companies in Afghanistan need to come up with more flexibility and modern services delivery to help people travel easily to their destinations.

“There is a need for airplanes to carry passengers from one destination to another. Aviation companies need to provide a better service to the people as they receive a lot of money from passengers, which calls for better service delivery,” said one passenger, Mujiburrahman.

“The passengers are not interested in travelling in old planes, if there are new airplanes people are more interested in travel,” said Farmanullah, a passenger in Kabul.

Ariana Afghan Airlines was the first aviation company to operate in Afghanistan from 63 years ago.

Ariana has four shareholders, with the ministry of finance holding over 50 percent of the shares, making it the largest shareholder in the company.