Armed Forces Day: Troops on frontlines keep hope for peace

KABUL (TOLOnews): Afghan forces serving on the frontlines expressed their hope for peace in the country as the nation celebrated Armed Forces Day across the country by honoring the services of the men in uniform, calling them as “guardians” of Afghanistan.

TOLOnews’ Tamim Hamid visited Afghan forces on the frontlines in Kabul’s neighboring provinces where the troops said they are ready to welcome but meanwhile, they are prepared to defend the country and the people against any threat.

Nasrullah, an army service member in Logar, a relatively restive province east of Kabul, said every soldier at their outpost has their own story and ambition. “I call my fiancé whenever I am free,” Nasrullah said.

Mashooq, an army soldier in Surkhrod district in Nangarhar, said Afghanistan has many beautiful places that are worth visiting and he wishes to visit those places with his family one day.

“Our people spend their vocation in other countries. Our country has its own beauty. I hope someday our families can spend their vacation in our own country,” Mashooq said.

In Kunduz province, meanwhile, the loved ones of the fallen members of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces paid visit to some outposts and handed flower and gifts to the troops.

“I have lost my uncle and my father. We have no caretaker now. I call on the Taliban to stop violence,” said Nasrin, the daughter of a fallen soldier in the northern province of Kunduz.

“How long should we destroy our own homeland? No outsider will come and build our country,” said Gulabuddin, a commander of the Afghan National Army in Kunduz.

“Let’s support our soldiers who protect our soil and dignity,” said Rohullah, brother of a fallen ANA officer in Kunduz.

The Armed Forces Day was also widely celebrated in Kabul. Security force members were gifted flowers while others donated blood to honor the sacrifices of the men in uniform.

“We thank them for their sacrifices. They sacrifice their blood to defend this nation and soil,” head of Kabul-based Bedari Millat political party, Maqsood Hassanzada, said.

“Those who have a special love for this three-colored flag of Afghanistan, those who believe that the territory of Afghanistan has the status of mother for them, they respect the security forces,” said Mohammad Zalmay Afghan, a civil society activist.