Art exhibition held in solidarity with earthquake victims of Turkey

HERAT (Agencies): Youths plus many institutions have organized an art exhibition to express their sympathy to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.
The representative of Tika’s office Arafat Dinez in Herat and many other local officials of the province, attended the exhibition.
The head Information and Culture of Herat, Naeem-ul Haq Haqqani expressed his condolences to the victims of the earthquake in turkey and syria, on the opening of the exhibition.
The representative of the Tika office in Herat thanked the citizens of Herat for sharing their sympathy and expressed hope that these who suffered find speedy recovery. 48 works of artist have been displayed in this exhibition.
Almost, three weeks earlier, over 50,000 people have lost their lives and thousands more were injured in an earthquake tragedy in Turkey and Syria.