Ashraf Ghani or suicidal security guard of Washington

Ashraf Ghani or suicidal security guard of Washington

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KABUL: Ashraf Ghani while speaking to his troops on second day of Eid-ul-Adha said that Washington has not been attacked nor has any bombing occurred in New York due to the sacrifices his forces. He explicitly endorsed claims of the Afghan freedom fighters that the imposed Kabul administration is but an American puppet and only works for the interests of its masters.

Ashraf Ghani is the man who has repeatedly tried to sabotage peace talks between the Islamic Emirate and United States and continues to stubbornly insist that the Islamic Emirate talk with his administration instead of the United States. Although the United States initially tried to persuade Taliban to negotiate with Ashraf Ghani administration but after two rounds of talks, the firm stance of the Islamic Emirate forced the United States to ignore any participation by the puppet regime.

The Taliban have been resolute in their demand since the past eighteen years that America has to talk with the Afghan people on the matters concerning the occupation because the country has been invaded by America and her allies and the Kabul imposed administration is a tool formed and financed to serves their interests, therefore talks with such a regime serve no purpose and instead their masters must directly talk with those fighting for sovereignty.

Neither did Ashraf Ghani, his team nor the American sponsored media accept this demand rather they were conversely accused the Taliban of providing America a chance to continue intervening in the affairs of Afghanistan. The United State was also supporting the administration until President Trump one day publicly stated that he did not wish to continue nation building yet Ashraf Ghani pleaded that they are enduring difficulties and using their security forces as cannon fodder for the security of American cities.

This confession is political suicide for Ashraf Ghani and his associates. In a stroke of genius (idiocy), he trashed all claims by himself and his team that they were a sovereign government and that the United States was only present for the security and development of Afghanistan hence the opposition should be negotiating with them instead of the US.

Ashraf Ghani – who was propagating that he and his government were a separate entity from America – will never be able repeat such a bold claim again as he himself equated his security forces to mercenaries working for the security of Washington and New York. So now when the Taliban negotiate with America, her security guards will have to accept all orders their masters give in accordance with the agreement reached with the Taliban.

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