Attack on Iraqi embassy comes to end as four suicide bombers killed

KABUL(AIP):The coordinated attack on the embassy of Iraq in Kabul came to an end at around 3 pm as all the four suicide bombers were killed, the interior ministry announced on Monday .

According to a press release issued by the interior ministry, only an Afghan cop was injured in the attack. The Afghan forces and Iraqi diplomats did not suffer any casualties.

The press release said a suicide bomber exploded himself near the Iraqi embassy in Shahr-e-Naw area. Later, three more attackers entered the embassy building.

The police reached the area in time, it said, adding all the four attackers were killed after a gunfight of about four hours.

It was learnt that three Iraqi citizens were working in the embassy. One of them was acting ambassador and two were ordinary employees. Spokesman for the foreign ministry of Iraq, Ahmad Jamal said on his formal Twitter account that their ambassador had been shifted to the Egyptian embassy. Efforts were also put to save the other two employees.

The press release issued by the interior ministry did not give accurate information about casualties. However, the AIP correspondent in Kabul said he saw three ambulances, taking injured people to the hospital.

Some sources said two Afghan police personnel providing protection to the embassy were killed in the attack. The emergency hospital in Kabul said on its Twitter account that they have received two injured people from the site.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministry of Afghanistan condemned the attack and said in a press release that attacks on diplomatic facilities could not be justified in any law.

On the other side, the Islamic State or Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack on their social accounts and Amaq News Agency. It stated two persons launched the attack. One of them blew himself up while the other conducted armed attack.

The acting ambassador of Iraq in Kabul recently told reporters that the Islamic State or Daesh gunmen have been expelled from Mosul city of Iraq. He said there were no fears about the traveling of Daesh gunmen to Afghanistan.

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