Attendance at parks in Kabul decreasing: Officials

KABUL (TOLOnews): Officials of some parks in Kabul said that after the imposition of restrictions by the current government, the presence of people in parks has decreased significantly.
According to officials, the lowered attendance of people in the parks has caused them to not be able to pay the expenses to maintain the parks.
“Before, on Fridays 15,000 visitors came here and visited our park but nowadays 300 people come here. The reason for the decrease in visitors is that the Ministry of Vice and Virtue has imposed restrictions,” said Habibi Ulla Zazie, head of Zazie Park.
Meanwhile, visitors at the park called for more recreational places to be established and said that the restrictions should be removed.
“Compared to other years, the number of visitors has decreased. One-third of the tourists who used to come in the past years do not come now,” said Hedaytullah, a visitor.
Meanwhile, some restaurant owners said that their business is also less prosperous compared to the past. “Businesses have generally weakened. Especially restaurants and shops in parks. The more visitors come to the park, the better our work will be,” said Zainullah, head of a restaurant.
“All over Afghanistan, there is no work like as in previous years, and the recent changes in the country have affected people’s business,” said Mohammad Umar, a cook.
The Ministry of Vice and Virtue originally allowed women to go to parks and recreational areas for three days a week in the first order, but later women were completely banned from going to amusement parks.