Australian special envoys will travel to Malaysia to explain AUKUS objectives

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SINGAPORE (TASS): The Australian Government will send special envoys to Malaysia to explain the goals and objectives of the new AUKUS security partnership. This is stated in the statement released on Sunday by the head of the Malaysian Foreign Mini-stry, Sayfuddin Abdullah.

According to him, “such an agreement was reached during a September 17 telephone conversation between the prime ministers of the two countries Ismail Sabri Jacob [Malaysia] and Scott Morrison [Australia].” According to the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Ismail Sabri expressed concern that AUKUS could potentially become a catalyst for a nuclear arms race, as well as provoke other countries to aggressive steps, especially in the South China Sea.

He also demanded to observe the principle of non-deployment of nuclear weapons in Southeast Asia, recalling that this is enshrined in the 1971 regional declaration.

At the same time, the Foreign Minister “called on all parties in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond to strengthen further active cooperation in promoting and maintaining peace and stability in the region.”

Australia, UK and US announced on September 15 a new security partnership – AUKUS. As part of the agreement, Australia, in particular, plans to build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines with the help of American technology, the first of which will take on combat duty in 2036, as well as re-equip its armed forces with American cruise missiles.

Because of this, Canberra tore up the largest defense contract in its history with France, which called the decision a “stab in the back” and recalled its ambassadors to Australia and the United States for consultations.

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