Australian Special Forces allegedly executed Afghan Prisoner

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SYDNEY: News agencies have reported that, Australian Special Forces have been accused of killing an unarmed, bound Afghan prisoner.

The details of the event came out after a four-year investigation into suspected war crimes committed by Australian troops in Afghanistan. As evidence, a US Marine helicopter crew chief gave his comments to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that a group of Australian soldiers shot and killed an Afghan prisoner as they were preparing to be airlifted after a raid.

The US marine further added that this was the first time an incident that occurred in front of his eyes that he still couldn’t morally justify. The prisoner had already been detained and posed no threat to the Aussie forces. The chief added that, “We knew somebody was already cuffed up, ready to go, taken prisoner, and we just witnessed them kill a prisoner”. While recalling the incident, the marine added that the Aussie commandos radioed his helicopter to tell them they needed transportation for seven prisoners captured during the operation.

While talking to an Australian outlet, he said that, “And you just heard this silence, and then we heard a pop. And then they said, ‘OK, we have six prisoners.” Peeking into the horrific memory, Josh recalled and added that, he said he spoke about the incident with the rest of his crew and the team agreed there was no excuse for what happened at that time. Josh added that, “It was a very deliberate decision to break the rules of war.”

On the other hand, a spokesperson for the Australian Defence Force talked to local media and refrained to comment on the report stating that, it may be the subject of an continuing inquiry into alleged wrongdoing by Australia’s Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan between 2005 and 2016.

The secretive inquiry began more than four years ago. A report outlining the probe’s findings is expected to be released by the end of the year.

ABC has reported numerous alleged crimes committed by Australian forces in Afghanistan, after the outlet obtained military documents that detailed the killing of unarmed civilians, including children. The Australian Federal Police carried out a highly controversial raid of ABC’s Sydney headquarters, reportedly in an effort to confiscate the explosive leaked documents.

In June, a federal prosecutor recommended that charges be brought against an ABC journalist who reported on the leaks, but the government is still deciding whether to take the reporter to court.

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