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Marriyum vows to arrest journalist’s killers

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ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb has strongly condemned the heinous murder of Zeeshan Butt, a journalist and vowed to ensure that murderers would meet their due fate.

In a statement issued here today she said that the culprits did not deserve any leniency and the government would join hands with the journalist community to ensure justice for the bereaved family. She said that the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif had already ordered immediate arrest of the persons involved in the murder of the journalist at Sialkot.


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SC hints at referring PEMRA laws to parliament

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Islamabad: The Supreme Court has said that why government wants to keep Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) under its control, SC can refer this case to parliament for amendment.

While hearing the case regarding formation of  media commission, the Apex Court’s three-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar held the hearing of the case on Wednesday  , during which the CJP remarked that SC  don’t  want to disclose PEMRA matters right now but when it will open the case nothing will remain secret .

A journalist Asad Kharal told the bench that there are some people in the PEMRA which can surprise the court .CJP Saqib Nisar remarked PEMRA has become weak institution and if government want to keep it under control, it would be better to close it down. Additional Attorney journal said that after the 18th c constitutional   Amendment the media commission recommendation are not applicable, on this, CJP remarked that it seems government not executing the promises, which were made in media commission, Apex Court can take notice of any case which would be against basic rights .Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan remarked that why government want to keep PEMRA under its control?

While hearing Journalist Hamid Mir appealed regarding Geo closer in country CJP remarked that PEMRA has given orders of its opening.


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Govt can extend assembly’s term for one year: Sheikh

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LAHORE: Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Wednesday predicted that the government can extend the term of assembly till one year under article 232.

Speaking exclusively to Dunya News, Rasheed maintained that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) will never accept Sadiq Sanjrani as acting president.

“Nawaz Sharif’s mental status is pitiful. The prime minister says that he not the premier while Nawaz Sharif says that the government is not of their party. If the rule is not theirs then whose?” he asked. “The country is going to witness worst loadsehdding and will get a blow of 440 volt. Economical crisis is engulfing the country,” said the AML chief.

On the other hand, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry said that only one crisis is ongoing in Pakistan which is ‘no elections are being held in the country’. There is no room for delay in elections and political emergency.



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Blood and sacrifices of Kashmiris not to go waste: PM

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MUZAFFARABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Wednesday terming the gross human rights violations in the Indian occupied Kashmir as a challenge to the world conscience said the blood and sacrifices of the valiant Kashmiris would not go waste.

Addressing the joint session of the AJK Legislative Assembly, the Prime Minister said, the UN Security Council Resolutions provide the real grounds for the resolution of the long simmering dispute between Pakistan and India and  plebiscite was the only answer to the Kashmir dispute.“India will have to surrender to the will of the people of Kashmir,” he added.

The Prime Minister strongly condemned the gross human rights violations against the unarmed civilian protestors and said the brutalities of the Indian army find no match, as they even resort to firing over funerals of the martyrs, leading to injuries to over 200 people. Terming the brutalities an “abortive attempt” to silence the Kashmiris, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said the attempts to cut off lines of communications, ban on internet and curfews would not be able to stop the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir from their struggle for their right to self determination.

Abbasi also expressed grave concern over the restrictions by the Indian army on the movement of Kashmiri families and feared shortage of food and milk for the infants, and urged the international community to play their part in putting an end to these gross human rights violations. He said the people in the Indian occupied Kashmir have been resisting against the illegal occupation of their lands for the past seven decades, despite a clear resolution of the United Nations Security Council that calls for a plebiscite, so as to let them decide their future. He however regretted that India reneged on its pledge.

The Prime Minister said that despite the unending hostilities and a reign of terror by Indian forces the people of Kashmir have refused to accept the illegal occupation.

“Pakistan has, is, and will continue to extend full political, moral and diplomatic support to its Kashmiri brethren,” he said. The Prime Minister saluted the valiant people of Kashmir for continuing to wage the struggle despite bearing heavy losses to their lives and property. He said the people have stood up to the atrocities, extra judicial killings and pellet guns with courage and have proven that they would not yield to such tactics.

He said immediately after the recent killings of the innocent Kashmiris by the Indian army Pakistan strongly condemned the incident and demanded of the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to dispatch their fact-finding missions. He said he has also asked the United Nations to appoint a Special Envoy for Kashmir.

He said a special meeting of the Cabinet took up the issue of the killings in Shopian and Anantnag and agreed on observing the Kashmir Solidarity Day on April 6, to raise the issue internationally, besides sending envoys to the world capitals. He said the human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir were a challenge to the world conscience and added the blood and sacrifices of the valiant Kashmiris would not go waste.

The Prime Minister said Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif was already in the process of appraising the brotherly countries of the continuing barbarities against the Kashmiris.

The Prime Minister during his day-long visit to the Capital Muzaffarabad was accompanied by Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif, Minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah Khan, Minister for Defence Production Rana Tanveer, Minister for Human Rights Mumtaz Ahmad Tarar, Minster for Kashmir Affairs Ch. Barjees Tahir and Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, besides President AJK, PM AJK, Speaker AJK Legislative Assembly and senior officials.


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SC can annul any work against Constitution: Shujat

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain has said if the government does anything against human rights or the constitution or both then the Supreme Court has the power to annul such work.

In a statement issued here, he said that even the works of President of country like America who regards himself most powerful and strong have been annulled by the American Supreme Court taking these as against human rights.

He said many such instances are present in the US history, in Pakistan the government by giving references of the Constitution is trying to create misunderstandings to undermine prestige and sanctity of the Supreme Court although it is given in the Constitution itself that only the Supreme Court can explain the Constitution.

He said that regretful aspect is that the present ruling party is in the government and also in the opposition, it has launched an organized campaign against the Supreme Court.

He said the present government has also earlier been saying that you do your work and let us do our work then during the last five years has the government done such worth mentioning work of which it is proud ? If the Supreme Court has to do its own work then bringing all elements working against the interest of the country within jurisdiction of law is also its foremost duty.

Ch Shujat Hussain further said that my message to the Chief Justice is that you continue doing your work not caring about anyone’s criticism because Almighty Allah has blessed you with such position at which the fate of the country is decided, I hope Insha-Allah prior to retirement you will certainly do such work because of which your name will remain bright in golden words in the history of Pakistan.


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Training is key factor for better health care services, says Saira

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister National Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar said that we have overcome some of the most pressing challenges of our times such as security, a rocky economy and unstable markets and now we as a country have much to look forward to for the future. What essentially is the future and what kind of future do we look forward to? While she was addressing in the Launching Ceremony Pakistan: Human Resources for Health Vision (2018-30) Today in Islamabad. Minister said that the future of Pakistan lies in the future of its people. For a bright future, the people need to be able to perform at their best which can only be possible if they are living healthy and productive lives.

Over the course of the last five years the Government of Pakistan has made considerable efforts towards enhancing the health services being made available to the people. The implementation of the Prime Minister’s National Health Programme is one such example. The efforts at the federal level have been followed by Provincial governments with historical increases in heath expenditure during the last five years. The current government coordinated a consensus National Health Vision 2025, based on principle of taking everyone along, with eight thematic pillars. The NHV resolves the aspirations of all provincial and area governments and reflects targets of Pakistan Vision 2025 and SGDs agenda. Improving the availability of skilled health workforce within the country is one such target of NHV and SDG3. Minister said it is clear from the HRH Vision that an increase in health workforce, if planned well, will provide an unprecedented decent employment opportunity for the people of the country. This is also intrinsically linked with broader economic development and enhancing opportunities for gender equality.

In order to meet the need of greater numbers of health workforce within the country, there is a need to pay due attention for enhancement of the production capacity. A well-equipped health workforce is instrumental for strengthening our primary, preventive and promotive health care system. The HRH Vision provides the necessary guidelines for ensuring the provision of essential health services at the door step of communities.

Evidence base projections for human resource for health for f next 15 years unveiled by the ministry health. Saira Afzal Tarar Renewed focus on production of nurses/ mid wife emphasized in order to achieve national health targets. Quality control in health professionals training is key factor for better health care services.

No of lady health workers is required to be doubled in years to come. Some key points of the vision include: Provincial Strategies in line with provincial priorities and national HRH vision should complete in 2018 More than one million new jobs opportunities needs to be created by 2030 along with decent working environment for health workforce both in public and private sector.

The current production capacity of nurses and midwives is around 9,000 which needs to be doubled over the next five years for which new nursing schools and colleges needs to be put in place LHWs numbers should also be doubled from the current less than 93,000 to more than 180,000 within next five years to ensure provision of essential primary health care services at the doorstep of community Quality of medical and nursing education should be modernized, ensuring a system approach in the governance of these institutions Research and reliable data on HRH is critical need of the country Task shifting is a promising strategy considering financial constraint environment. It is incumbent on the political health leadership of the country has to ensure that the HRH Vision progresses from a well thought out plan to actual implementation resulting in the envisioned benefits for the health of the people of Pakistan. Here, I would like to state that we recognize the supreme sacrifice rendered by health workers who have laid down their lives, in the line of duty, securing the future generations of the country. Minister further added that term of national assembly and current government will soon complete its five year and the country will go to select their representatives for the national assembly.

However, before leaving the portfolio of the Federal Minister, I will properly share my handover notes to the cabinet to ensure that the successor Federal Minister can further take forward the current achievements. HRH would be one of such handing over portfolio.

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No one can deny importance of languages, says Baligh

F.P. Report

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training, Engr. Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman has said that no one can deny the importance of languages and it is very essential to learn and value the languages. The Federal Minister was addressing as Chief Guest at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Convocation-2018 here on Wednesday.

He said that the learning of different languages enhances the critical and analytical ability of a person. The Federal Minister congratulated the graduating students and their parents. Baligh Ur Rehman said that today’s Pakistan is much better and the future of Pakistan is bright. Pakistan is a peaceful country and we have come out of the extremism and terrorism. Our armed forces, civilians, police and other law enforcement agencies rendered great sacrifices in war against terrorism. We pay tribute to shuhada, he said.

The Federal Minister said that it is the peace which leads any country towards development and progress. He said that the economy of Pakistan is booming today and CPEC is leading Pakistan towards development. Today there is no power load-shedding in Pakistan, new industries and business are being established.

The Federal Minister said that work is underway on coal, hydel and nuclear energy plants in the country. He hoped that power plants will run from the coal of Thar in this year. Baligh Ur Rehman said number of steps are being taken for the betterment of education sector in the country and allocations for education sector has also been increased. He said that no nation can progress without education.  He noted that number of the out of school children phenomenally reduced and enrollment has increased in the country.

The Federal Minister said that number of programs have been launched through Higher Education Commission (HEC) such as laptops program. Baligh Ur Rehman said that alongside education, training is also very important. He said that our youth will have to become life-long learner in this age of technology by acquiring knowledge through e-libraries and e-journals besides books. He said that our youth will have to make their character strong and they should now the difference between right and wrong. Character building and positive attitude are very important and it is the positive attitude which take any person towards progress and success.

The Federal Minister advised the students to always keep positive attitude; do good to others and try to understand other’s point of view. He asked that students to show their gratitude towards parents, teachers, peers and society. He said that our youth must have purpose in life and they must do everything with hard work and in better way. The Federal Minister said that students should learn the soft and leadership skills.



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Pakistan invites England cricket team for tour

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s interior minister has invited the England cricket team to tour the country for the first time since 2005, after a successful visit by the West Indies amid improved security boosted hopes of an international revival.

A visit by a major Test-playing nation such as England would be hugely significant, in terms of cricket as well as Pakistan’s wider security, and the message it hopes to send about its crackdown on extremism and militancy.

Interior minister Ahsan Iqbal extended the invitation to UK High Commissioner Thomas Drew on Tuesday, urging the international community to recognise the strides Pakistan has made. “The successful staging of international matches in Pakistan is a clear proof that we have defeated terrorism and extremism,” he said, according to an official statement. Drew said he was already looking forward to “this summer’s big cricketing event”, Pakistan’s upcoming England tour.

“But I also hope that it will not be long before I can welcome an England team to Pakistan,” he told AFP Wednesday. “That really is something to look forward to.” For years foreign teams refused to tour Pakistan, wracked by Islamist attacks. In 2009 an attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore drove international cricket from the country entirely, and their fixtures have been played in the United Arab Emirates. But security has improved dramatically in recent years, and since 2015 Pakistan has hosted Zimbabwe, a World XI, Sri Lanka, the finals of its domestic T20 league for two years running and, most recently, the West Indies, for a short T20 series which finished on Tuesday.

The matches have been staged in both Lahore and Karachi, the cricket-obsessed country’s two largest cities, both of which have been hit repeatedly by militant violence over the last decade.

Head-of-state level security has been provided for visiting players, most of whom have come away praising the arrangements. Various military operations across the country have led to the increased security, particularly in the northwestern tribal region, where militants once operated with impunity.

But the US maintains that Pakistan is hosting militant safe havens in the northwest, accusations Islamabad denies; while critics warn that the country has not gone far enough in rooting out the long-term causes of extremism.


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Babar Azam claims top T20I batting rank

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KARACHI: After their emphatic series win against the West Indies, Pakistan’s star batsman Babar Azam while bowler Shadab Khan is now second in the T20I team rankings.

Babar has claimed the number one rank in batting, whereas spinner Shadab swings to second position in a career-first in the ICC T20I Player Rankings.

Babar was in superb form during as he scored 17, 97 not out and 51 in the 3-0 series win against West Indies. He was declared player of the series for consistency and was rewarded with a two-place jump in the rankings, making him the top-ranked batsman in T20Is for the second time in a span of 10 weeks.

Shadab Khan, on the other hand, jumped 10 places to take second spot in the bowling charts following his five wickets in the series. Shadab garnered 125 points for the recently concluded series, giving him a 26 points edge over Afghanistan wrist spinner Rashid Khan, who is just 14 days older than Shadab.

Pakistan fast-bowlers Muhammad Amir and Hasan Ali are also on the charge in the latest rankings. Amir has moved 15 places to 12th, while Hasan has jumped 10 places to a career-high 30th position. Further, Pakistan’s left-arm spinner Mohammad Nawaz is the biggest mover in the latest rankings.

The 24-year-old took four wickets in the series, which helped him rise 66 places to a career-high 53rd rank. Other bowlers to advance in their rankings include Kesrick Williams (57th, up by seven places), Faheem Ashraf (68th, up by 24 places) and Shoaib Malik (82nd, up by five places).

Shoaib Malik is Pakistan’s highest-ranked all-rounder, in ninth position, after moving up two places. Windies’ Marlon Samuels has slipped one place to fifth. In the meantime, Pakistan have gained a four-point advantage over second-ranked Australia following the 3-0 win. Windies, in contrast, have dropped from fifth to seven after losing four points.


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RMI MCL begins, PPC Qalandars beat PPC Zalmi

Ali Sheikh

PESHAWAR: PPC Qalandars beat PPC Zalmi by 29 runs in the opening match of the second edition of RMI Media Cricket League on Wednesday. Speaker KP Assembly Asad Qaiser inaugurated the event.

This is the 2nd edition of the Media Cricket League organized by Peshawar Press Club for as part of healthy activities for the journalist community.

PPC Qalandars after winning the toss opted to bat first. But their strong opening pair failed to score as hard hitting Mehmood was bowled by Fahad in just second over of the match. At one point Qalandars were reduced to 28 for 3 as opening spells by Fahad and Zawar gave no chance to the batsmen to play free shots. Aftab then came to bat and made 19 runs hitting one six and one four in his 9-ball stay at the wicket. Aftab provided the platform Qalandars needed to score a fighting total. After Aftab, Qalandars captain Adil Pervez came to bat and he along with Akhtar Amin played superb shots all around the ground taking full advantage of some wayward bowling by Zalmi.

Akhtar Amin hit three consecutive towering sixes in one over before being bowled by Niaz. He faced only four balls for his 18 runs, while adil also hit one four and one six in his 12 runs. Durrani also score 17 runs off just four balls hitting two huge sixes and one four. Anwar remained not out on 8 runs. Qalandars scored 60 runs in the last three overs as they end their innings with 119 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in the allotted 10 overs. Fahad was pick of the bowlers with three wickets while Zawar and Niaz took two wickets each.

In response Zalmi managed to score only 90 runs as the Qalandar bowlers bowled superb and gave no room to Zalmi batsmen. Captain Adil Pervez took three wickets while Aftab took two wickets. From Zalmi only Zawar (25) and Ihsan (10) entered double figures. Aftab was named Man of the Match for his all round performance.

President Peshawar Press Club Alamgir Khan, General Secretary Shahab ud Din, Chairman Sports Committee Yasir Ali, Manager Administration of RMI Maj (retd) Syed Naveed ul Haq Jilani, Public Relations Officer of RMI Sajjad Khan, SSP Traffic Yasir Afridi and Marketing Director of Top Up mineral water company Faheem Khan was also present on the occasion.

It is pertinent to mention that RMI, Top Up, Directorate of Sports KP and Traffic Wardens Police sponsored the event.

Fourteen teams are participating in the event the first phase of which will be played at Government Shaheed Hasnain Sharif Higher Secondary School No. 1 while the knock-out stage will be played at Arbab Niaz Stadium. Final will be played on April 28.