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Etisalat & PTCL to strengthen UAE Israel ties

Jalil Afridi
Washington DC: Technology giants in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel are working to strengthen their relations in field of technology and cyber security. In this regard both the countries are searching for ways to improve their local businesses and protect themselves from threats which lies in the bandwidth. 
Tech giants and telecom sectors are in particular two areas where both the governments are working extensively to collaborate on data sharing and several other projects.
Etisalat, a mobile giant from UAE already has presence in several countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia including Pakistan and Afghanistan. 
In Pakistan Etisalat owns most of the shares in Pakistan Tele Communication Limited (PTCL) which has monopoly over the county market share when it comes to their landlines, internet or their mobile carrier (UFONE). 
Israeli telecom giants Pelephone, Cellcom Partner, Hot Mobile and the government are all trying to collaborate with Etisalat to provide consumers with better rates and more options. Newly appointed CEO of PTCL, Mathew Wilsher has already started working on how PTCL can strengthen Etisalat, the mother company of PTCL. Mathew Wilsher brings with him decades of experience in telecom sector and has served in places like Afghanistan and Africa. 
Mathew Wilsher has experience in dealing with Israeli officials due to his past experience in Africa where he built great relations between the two countries in fields of telecom and cyber security.On the other hand Etisalat is not very happy with PTCL because of the continues drop in its profits since last more than a decade. Etisalat had acquired PTCL in 2005 at throw away price from Pakistan by President Musharraf who was leading the country at that time. 
Despite being the leading company of Pakistan at that time whose shares use to sell like hot cakes, Pakistan sold its national asset, PTCL without thinking about the future of technology. It is pertinent to mention here that despite lapse of fifteen years Etisalat still owes Pakistan more than 800 million. 
Now, according to sources the plan is not only to provide consumers with good costs of calling, but to gather as much data as possible about Pakistan. It is also pertinent to mention here Pakistan has been the bone of contention for official presence of Israel in the region. Israel is well aware that if Pakistan follows the foot step of Saudi Arabia and start taking lenient view about Israel then it will become very easy for Israel to establish formal relations with several other neighboring countries of Pakistan including Pakistan.
The next part of this collocation is related to digital content promotion, which will enable advertisers and promoters to go through with their desired agenda. It is pertinent to mention here that globally Israel owns some of the leading digital advertising companies and Singapore is a common destination for these CEO’s to meet and discuss. 
When asked an IT expert in Pakistan about the prospect and consequences of this collaboration between Etisalat and Israeli telecom companies, the official who did want to be named said that “yes all the data being used  by PTCL landlines, internet and UFONE will be available to Israel and its companies.” 
When asked if the government of Pakistan has taken any measures about sharing Pakistani citizens or Pakistani companies and organizations data with third parties, the official said “come on, the government has no clue about these things.”It is also pertinent to mention here that Israel and India and UAE and India are already collaborating in fields of technology and combatting cyber crime. — 
Muhammad Jalil Afridi
Managing Editor/Director
The Frontier Post
Jm Advertising Services

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White House source says Trump’s vitals are ‘VERY CONCERNING’ and next 48 hours are critical

Confusion has erupted over Donald Trump‘s condition as he fights coronavirus after the president’s doctors said he is doing ‘very well’ while a White House source claimed his vitals are ‘very concerning’.  

Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley offered an update on his condition outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on Saturday morning alongside several other members of the president’s medical team.

This morning, the president is doing very well. The team and I are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. He’s been fever free for 24 hours and we are cautiously optimistic,’ Conley said, adding that Trump has been working and walking in his hospital suite. 

Conley’s depiction was far more optimistic than one put forward by a White House source familiar with the president’s health who spoke to Bloomberg Business pooler Cheryl Bolen on background immediately after the briefing ended. 

‘The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care. We’re still not on a clear path to a full recovery,’ the source told Bolen, who passed that information along to the press pool.   

the briefing raised more questions than answers as Conley declined to say what temperature the president had when he had a fever, whether he was on oxygen and when he last tested negative for COVID. 

Conley told reporters the team was 72 hours into Trump’s diagnosis. But that would put the timeline at the president testing positive Wednesday morning. Trump tweeted shortly before 1 am on Friday he had tested positive. On Thursday he flew to his golf club in Bedminister, New Jersey, for a fundraiser with about 100 people.

‘Just 72 hours into the diagnosis now, the first week of COVID, in a particular day seven to day 10, are most critical in determining the likely course of this illness. At this time the team and I are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. Thursday he had a mild cough with nasal congestion and fatigue all of which are now resolving and improving,’ Conley said.

courtesy: Mail

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In first US Presidential Debate Biden tells Trump to shut up

Jalil Afridi:

Washington DC: Due to continuous interruption by US President Donald Trump during first Presidential Debate, former vice president and Democratic party presidential candidate, Joe Biden told Trump “will you shut up.”

The moderator and host of the show, Chris Wallace on more than a dozen occasions had to either stop Donald Trump from interrupting Joe Biden or had to tell Donald Trump that his time for answer was over.

Presidential debates are considered very important in US elections and these debates are watched by close to 100 million people. Through these debates’ candidates have an opportunity to speak directly to the people from different political beliefs and affiliations.

While defending his desire to appoint a Supreme Court Judge, whose seat recently got vacated due to the death of Justice Ruth Ginsburg, President Trump said that he was appointed as president for four years therefore it was his right to appoint a judge on the said seat. On the other hand, Joe Biden said that “people have the right to vote” therefore suggesting that US elections were about to take place in a month and during such crucial time the said decision was not “appropriate” and that it could have been delayed till after the elections.

Regarding health care plans, Joe Biden said that in almost four years of Trump as president, he was unable to introduce a single plan in health sector and the only thing that he is after is the Obama Care, which provides free health care to more than twenty million people. Donald Trump replied by saying that during his presidency prices of drugs have been reduced tremendously and that he believes that Obama Care is a disaster. “I don’t even know why they called it Obama Care” Trump added while criticizing the tenure of former president Barrack Obama and Vice President, Joe Pence.

Joe Biden took a jab at President Trump when the issue of Corona virus was discussed. Joe Biden said that more than two hundred thousand Americans have died due to Corona virus and still president Trump has no plan. “He does not know when the vaccine will be coming, he is not helping the small businesses which closed down.” Biden added. Trump said that he was talking to the CEO’s of companies like Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer and the vaccine to fight Corona virus will soon be available in the market. “If I had listened to your plans, these figures would have been doubled” Trump said. Biden replied by saying that President Trump does not believe his own scientists and that is the reason why more than seven million Americans has been affected by Corona virus.

Trump said that it was true that economy got a big hit due to Corona but now the economy has started improving. “New York looks like a ghost town; we have got to open up the markets” Trump further added to make his point of view make sense.

Moderator of the show, Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump very straight forward that he paid only 750 dollars in federal income tax for the year 2016 and 2017. Donald Trump in his reply stated that he paid million in taxes and that the loop holes in tax system were introduced by the Obama administration in which Biden was the vice president. President Trump also said that he has brought manufacturing industry back to the United States and that economy has been doing great under his leadership.

Contradicting Trump, Joe Biden said that Trump had inherited a great economy from his previous government with President Obama and that the only thing Trump knew was to take advantage of the tax system and being a billionaire, he does not know what an average American is feeling right now.

Biden further said that Trump has divided the American nation and he is promoting hatred. Regarding the rights of African American, Joe Biden said that Trump is disastrous for African American community.

“There is systematic injustice against African Americans but it does not mean we have walked away from the racial problem” Biden added.

Donald Trump on the other hand while talking about the racial problems in America said that it was Biden’s government who had called African Americans “super predators”. Trump also said that Biden does not care about the law enforcement officials when it comes to violent protest. “We can’t let protesters destroy other people’s businesses” Trump said while defending the way he handled the racial protests across America.

Joe Biden on the other hand called Donald Trump “racist” and said that he used force against peaceful protesters right in front of the White House. Joe Biden accused Donald Trump of looking down upon people who are of different race, color and religion.

The moderator Chris Wallace at one point asked President Trump whether he condemns White Supremacy, to which Donald Trump gave a lengthy reply instead of saying yes or no.

Regarding economy, Donald Trump said that no president has done more work than him and his administration. “We are rebuilding our military, taking care of veterans and I had to fill 128 vacancies of judges which they (Biden & Obama) had left open” Donald Trump said while highlighting his achievements.

In his reply Joe Biden said that it was his first government which had inherited a recession due to the .com bust and within couple of years he rebuilt the economy. “We gave him great economy which he has now ruined due to his bad policies and judgements on Corona.” Biden said.

Joe Biden also accused Donald Trump of ruining foreign relations of America. “I looked in the eyes of Russia when I had to tell them something, but Donald Trump was hiding from American people that Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban for killing US soldiers in Afghanistan.”

Regarding environment issue, Joe Biden said that if he becomes the president, he will be rejoining the Paris Accord, will encourage renewable energy, create more charging stations for electric vehicles, stop the cutting of forests and invest into funds which are related to environment and global warming. “15% of the environment damage is done by us, how can we ignore it.” Biden added while defending his previous government policies with regard to protecting and taking care of the environment related issues.  

Donald Trump in his reply said that China, Russia and India equally damage the environment so why should it be just the US spending money on environment related issues.

Regarding integrity and legitimacy of upcoming elections due to balloting being made through US Postal Service, Joe Biden said that there is no problem with mailing of the ballots because safety of the American people due to Corona is the most thing and therefore, he will accept the results even if the counting takes several days after the elections to announce the final results.

On the other hand, Donald Trump said that balloting through mail is going to prove disastrous and the results might take months to announce. This is not going to end well, Trump added in his final remarks.  

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Khalilzad highlights importance of Termez to Peshwar railroad

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: America’s specially envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad said that with completion of railroad link between Uzbekistan city Termez to Peshawar, the journey of businesses and their goods will be made in couple of days instead of months. 

It is pertinent to mention here that the said railroad has already been completed between Termez to the Afghanistan city of Mazare Sharif with the support of Uzbekistan.

 Mr Zalmay Khalilzad said that with peace in Afghanistan, “that country can prove to be a great connectivity point for the trade to excel in many countries.”Zalmay Khalilzad who was retired from government service of the US government many years ago, was reappointed by President Trump as Special Envoy to Afghanistan.

During todays virtual event at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), a US government funded Think Tank,  Zalmay Khalilzad seemed very tired and sick of repeating the same things over and over again since last few months, beginning February 29 when peace deal was signed between the United States of America and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar.

The February 29 peace deal did make its headlines in international media but the reality of achieving real peace deal with the Taliban, seemed impossible while having boots of the US troops in Afghanistan. 

Mr Stephen Hadley beautifully moderator the event and asked questions which were mostly volleyed and passed unanswered. Stephen Hadley asked asked Zalmay Khalilzad that it is true that violence has decreased against the American forces in Afghanistan but the violence against civilians and Afghan forces remain very high. In his reply Zalmay said that it was agreed with Taliban that certain cities such as Kabul, US forces, foreign troops and Etc will not be targeted and this commitment has been honored by the Taliban.

Ironically, Zalmay Khalilzad later reminded the viewers that US troops has the right to retaliate and help Afghan forces when they are attacked by Taliban.

When asked about the role of Pakistan in peace talks with the Taliban, Zalmay Khalilzad said that Pakistan has played a positive role and he specially thanked and named  Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan and Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa efforts in promoting these peace talks.

Correspondent of Reuter’s news agency asked whether the basis of Intra Afghan Peace Talks will be based on the agreement signed between the US and Taliban on February 29 this year?. Zalmay replied by saying that the peace talks are a package sort of a deal and US will try it’s best to make it Afghan Owned peace talks.

With regard to the “spoilers” of these peace talks, Zalmay said that the most dangerous and which wants to “tear” Afghanistan is the ISIS. He did not go into further details to explain how ISIS came  to Afghanistan or who are they (ISIS) is supported by. 

With regard to the role of neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Zalmay said that China and Russia have extended their full support to the peace talks whereas Iran is a bit tricky because of the “over all relations of the US with Iran.”

Regarding Al Qaeda, Zalmay Khalilzad said that Taliban have taken action against Al Qaeda but he can not go into any further details of that. 

The role of women in these peace talks was also discussed at length by both the moderator and Mr Zalmay Khalilzad and it was mutually agreed that the US gives great importance to the role of women in ever walk of life whereas on other hand Taliban don’t have a single female member in the peace talks.

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CBD and COVID-19: The Effect of Today’s Pandemic on the CBD Market

COVID-19 has tremendously changed the dynamics of today’s market. A huge number of businesses decided to close down while others are in the process of filing for bankruptcy. However, when it comes to the CBD market, things are a bit more positive.

CBD-based medicine applies to a huge number of people and a wide range of health issues. Considering that, the idea of the potential looming recession creating a gap in the demand for CBD isn’t something to fear about.

In addition to health concerns, there’s also a wide range of ​sustainable products that can be created using hemp​ like textiles and even fuel. People’s search for environmentally friendly and sustainable materials is more important than the concerns of the impending recession.
Access to CBD products

Technically, borders aren’t closed. This means that it’s still possible to get CBD products shipped from one place to another.
However, this doesn’t mean more relaxed rules and laws. The pandemic isn’t canceling out state laws that concern CBD and CBD products. Considering that, it’s important for people who are planning on ordering CBD products to check with their states first to see what’s legal and what’s not.

With people getting more and more worried about their health, CBD products will continue to be highly in-demand and that’s not surprising.

CBD has been found effective has been found to offer potential antiviral properties that can help reduce the severity of certain diseases as well as initiate quick recovery. The research concerning this has been started since the start of the SARS virus outbreak back in 2002.
It can also help in boosting one’s immune system. CBD has been found to function as an immunomodulator (an agent that helps regulate the immune system) and an immunosuppressant (an agent that suppresses the immune response).
Apart from that, CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties It can help lower the inflammatory response of your immune system.

The majority of today’s well-known CBD brands know the ​impact of the pandemic​ on people’s budgets. If you’ve been doing your research, you’d know that most brands didn’t implement any price increase.

Because CBD and CBD-infused products remain unregulated, the struggle to find quality products is still here. This fact should encourage people to be more cautious when buying CBD products locally or online.
Find brands that use organic hemp. Quality CBD products are tested by ​third-party labs to ensure purity, quality, and safety. The tests they conduct also help verify if the brands are being honest about their claims.

The future of CBD market is still bright despite the pandemic. CBD-infused products continue to be in-demand these days as people become hyper-focused on keeping themselves healthy.

However, all these things don’t mean that the CBD market is immune to economic challenges. It will still experience the negative effects of the pandemic and the recession one way or another. It’s also worth noting that with the pandemic going on, it’s important to pay attention to what you eat and the health supplements you’re taking to boost your immune system.

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Bina Goindi new book “Bassad Ahtaaram” is a spiritual memoir

Washington DC: “Bassad Ahtraam” is a socio – spiritual memoir carries an extreme level of literary touch. These articles have sensitivity and particularly the language used depicts the immense and deeper eye of author, BINA Goindi, on the minor issues of society. She is believer of God and lover of nature which is what leads her way to human hearts, regardless of her many hurdles.
She is Pakistani but she resided in USA for a long period of time ; so she has experienced both societies very closely. The comparison of both cultures and ideology left a deeper impact on her personality , thought process and writings.
She still believes that God created this universe through a uniform balanced formula , which, when applied anywhere on earth, yields similar results. She has witnessed brutality, extremism, and terorism by both the wealthy and poor, religious and non religious, modern and uncivilized societies. But along with that she has observed the empirical association with spiritual content of the human race, in all cultures.
Her new book “Bassad Ahtarram” comprises on 37 articles about events , people, and her own impressions (e.g Globilisation, covid -19,life after and feministic behavior in different socio -historical system). While we read اعتراف and میرا پہلا قاری really in history of literature a new idea of a letter of a newly deceased person from heaven to the love ones . She has firm belief that God created science and scientists just keep on finding the hidden messages of God. As Columbus discovered America so as a scientist discover these hidden creations. So being spiritual is being scientific. Being scientific is being ethical and being ethical is being the person of God.
The articles are written chronologically about current situations but include important impacts of history as well.
I should say that it is a well written book for a people of all ages, all cultures, and societies.

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US terms China Communist Party as aggressive, autocratic, ambitious, paranoid and hostile

Sojla Sahar

WASHINGTON D.C. David R. Stilwell, Assistant Secretary Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs gave a statement on while addressing the Senate committee on Foreign Relations. 

While addressing the committee Sitwell highlighted, the threats posed by CCP to U.S. and global order, its malign influence in the region.

Pompeo has already considered China as a grave foreign policy challenge to U.S. 

He was joined by PDAS Julie Chung from Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, and A/S Philip Reeker from Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs.  

He said that, China is not abiding by the international commitments at WTO and elsewhere. The rebellious behavior of China has increased under President Xi Jinping.

While critiquing China’s policies, he said that China is not seeking to join the free and open international order for which U.S. and its allies have fought. PRC is disrupting the international environment through its narrow self-centered interests and authoritarian values. 

He urged for collective actions and motives by the institutions, companies, U.S. government and its citizens, U.S. allies and partners, in order to counter CCP’s motives

While shedding light on the threat posed by CCP to U.S. he said that, it is posing threat to the global leadership of U.S. that has benefited the world through its international system, CCP is using all means to damage the international-rules based order and project power across the world. 

This would negatively affect the international world, Sitwell added. 

He also addressed the threat of increased aggression of CCP; he said that China hid the reality of global Pandemic. The analogy of pandemic shows CPP’s aggression and its malign activity. 

He said that nations to see the CCP for what it truly is – an aggressive, autocratic, ambitious, paranoid, hostile threat to free and open societies and the free and open international order.

Other than this, Beijing is involved in manipulation of IO’s, assaults of foreign companies and government, buying, stealing and forcing the transfer of technology is a threat to the global order.

Beijing’s violence on the border with India; aggressive moves in the South China Sea and around Taiwan and the Senkakus, influence on Tibet and Mongolia is an example of China’s aggression. 

 He also highlighted the draconian National Security Law in Hong Kong, including clauses that allow the PRC to issue extraterritorial arrest warrants for those criticizing the government while in other countries

U.S. shift of policy for China was also discussed in the meeting. 

U.S. has decided to pushing back on revisionist powers, such as the PRC, who use technology, propaganda, and coercion to shape a world antithetical to U.S. interests and values. 

He added that there is need of global unity against China in order to protect international norms and values. 

We are not asking countries to choose sides, but rather to stand up to protect their own national sovereignty, security, values, and economic well-being

He also highlighted the importance of reciprocity of the world through trade and investment and assured that U.S. will keep on raising the issue of human rights abuse in Tibet and Xianjiang. 

He added that U.S. has decided to adopt  policy guided by the 2017 National Security Strategy (NSS) and grouped around the four pillars laid out in that strategy: 1) protect the American people, homeland, and way of life; 2) promote American prosperity; 3) preserve peace through strength; and 4) advance American influence. 

 Accordingly, our public diplomacy teams are working in partnership with the Bureau of Global Public Affairs and the Global Engagement Center (GEC) to promote a positive vision of U.S. leadership.

 GEC’s efforts to counter CCP propaganda include increasing awareness of the problematic aspects of the One Belt One Road initiative, human rights abuses in Xinjiang, Tibet, and elsewhere in China, and Beijing’s abuse of open research and academic environments to achieve its military objectives, Sitwell added in his statement.

He said that CCP’s most insidious and powerful influence vectors are its economic clout, which it uses as leverage in other strategic areas.  

RC initiatives like “One Belt One Road” seek to fuse Beijing’s economic and strategic goals to the detriment of host country sovereignty, security, and sustainable economic growth.  T

We also seek to equip states to resist coercive economic practices, unsustainable debt burdens, and other dangers, through investment screening outreach and debt service suspension initiative he added.

He also highlighted the upcoming unauthentic vendors working 5G networks through China, in addition to this he also highlighted U.S. strategy of countering China’s influence and agenda. 

Confucius Institutes U.S. Center (CIUS), the Confucius Institutes also promote the Chinese Communist Party’s agenda and subvert academic freedom he said. 

Sitwell also profoundly discussed and showed concern over the situation of HongKong, Xianjiang and the tensions in Indo-Pacific. 

While addressing the increasing tension in Indo-Pacific region he said that, in recognition of the geopolitical importance of the Indo-Pacific, President Trump announced the U.S. Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific  three years ago in Da Nang, Vietnam, to advance a vision for the Indo-Pacific region in which all countries prosper side by side as sovereign, independent states, he further added. 

Sitwell also discussed Mekong-U.S. partnership.

He said that U.S. has advanced our economic initiatives in lockstep with our allies and partners.  I have already mentioned the Blue Dot Network—launched with Australia and Japan—as one example.  

Building on the successes of the Lower Mekong Initiative, the five Mekong partner countries and the United States launched the Mekong-U.S. Partnership on September 11 as a strategic forum for cooperation, Sitwell revealed. 

He ended his statement by saying that U.S. wants to establish smooth relations with PRC but U.S. will keep bringing light on the issues of human rights abuse and threats to international system posed by PRC.

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Unity of vision lacks in Afghan peace talks

By Jalil Afridi and Sojla Sahar

Washington DC & Islamabad: Intra-Afghan talks are currently the most sizzling topic of the drawing rooms. Currently, the Afghanistan government and Taliban’s have agreed to engage into negotiations for ending the bloodiest and longest war of US history

Sources tell that, the fragile intra-Afghan talks are already facing challenges. It was in itself the biggest progress to get Afghanistan government and Taliban’s on table. 

Now both the parties have certain disagreements about the agendas of the negotiations. The formation of agendas and planning for the future of Afghanistan is entirely different for the government of Afghanistan and Taliban’s.

The actors have different ideologies and struggles; the Afghanistan government aims to develop Afghanistan in liberal way. Whereas the Taliban’s still seem to be attached with their conservative narratives.

This point pinches U.S. as it also have severe reservation on what form of government will Taliban’s go for after the negotiations? Will the system be ethnically generalized or not?

The foreign policy analysts view the entire situation is in the favor of Taliban’s. They have more to gain from these dialogues as U.S. has elections nearby. For the next presidential term U.S. will have to fulfill their promise of pulling of troops and ending the Afghan war that has put massive economic burden on U.S.

Trump’s policy of peace is favoring Taliban’s right now. Utilization of time will help or hurt the actors. 

The experts say that, the regional actors are also ready to indulge in intra-Afghan dialogues for the peaceful future of Afghanistan because chaos in Afghanistan will disturb the security situation of the whole country.

Moreover, the major missing in intra-Afghan talks is limited inclusion of women. There are currently only 4 women for discussion on women situation in conflict. The ratio of women in dialogues indicates the importance of women rights in the future of Afghanistan.

Taliban’s want to talk of ceasefire, interim government, nuclear arrangements, security arrangements. Whereas it seems that U.S. is aiming at “exit U.S. policy” leaving the chaos in the backyard, experts say. 

For fruitful outcomes, there is a need of “unity of vision” between the Afghanistan government and the Taliban’s. If the difference of agendas and realities persist this will damage the whole progress made till now.