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Cop among eliminated kidnappers of lawmaker’s son

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: As the Sindh Police Chief unveiled a project facilitating citizens to lodge complaints against police, a bigger problem surfaced on Thursday with police force when an official of provincial Police force turned out to be among the five suspected kidnappers killed in a shootout in Karachi on Wednesday.

The shootout occurred at Super highway, in which the SSP Rao Anwar led police team recovered Hayat Baloch, son of PPP’s provincial advisor Ghulam Murtaza Baloch. On Thursday, Malir SSP Rao Anwar Ahmed confirmed that Mukhtiar Ali, a policeman from Shikarpur, was among the five killed.

According to the SSP, Ali had come to Karachi earlier this year while the census was underway and had since been involved in cases of kidnapping for ransom.

Hayat Baloch, the 22-year-old son of PPP legislator and Special Assistant to the Chief Minister on Katchi Abadis Murtaza Baloch, had been kidnapped along with some relatives on their way to Gadap from Malir Cantonment three days ago, officials said.

Meantime, on Thursday Sindh Inspector General Police A.D. Khawaja inaugurated a complaint helpline at Karachi’s Central Police Station through which people will be able to record complaints against any misconduct by police officials.

The 9110 helpline will be connected to all police stations across the province, it has been learnt. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the Sindh IG said that the establishment of a police complaint helpline marks the “beginning a new era of communication between Sindh’s police force and its people”.

Discussing the functioning of the helpline, Khawaja said that calls made to the helpline will be recorded and replayed while he will personally pursue all serious complaints.

While informing people about the nature of complaints that could be registered through the helpline, the IG said: “People will now be able to register complaints about police officials’ refusal to register FIRs and complaints regarding the lack of proper investigation in a case.”

He also said that complaints regarding police holding someone in custody without cause or registration of fake FIRs and arrests made in fake cases will also be registered.

The IG clarified that this is not an emergency helpline, and citizens can call Madadgar 15 in case of emergencies. “It is important that citizens play their role in the fight against various crimes in the province,” the Sindh IG said.

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1.4 million pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia before hajj

RIYADH (AFP): More than 1.4 million Muslims have so far arrived in Saudi Arabia for the hajj, authorities said Thursday, with the annual pilgrimage marked by the return of Iranians after Tehran s boycott last year.

More than two million people are expected to participate in this year s hajj, a pillar of Islam that capable Muslims must perform at least once in their lives, which starts next week.

“So far 1,313,946 pilgrims have arrived by air, 79,501 by land, and 12,477 by sea — an increase of 33 percent compared with the same period last year,” the state-run Saudi Press Agency said, citing passport officials.

That includes more than 400 Qatari pilgrims, local media reported, despite an intensifying row between Doha and Riyadh over arrangements for the religious event. All Qatari pilgrims arrived through the Salwa border crossing with Qatar.

The hajj has been clouded by the worst political crisis in the Gulf in decades, with Saudi Arabia leading a four-state bloc that suspended all ties with Doha on June 5 over accusations the emirate backed Islamist extremists.

Qatar has denied the charge and said this week it was worried pilgrims from the emirate would be treated badly. But the Saudi media has repeatedly broadcast images showing officials courteously assisting Qatari pilgrims.

The hajj ministry has said the kingdom, home to Islam s holiest sites, welcomes all pilgrims from different nationalities.

The ministry added it was equipped to handle the additional crowds after the completion of expansion works at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the most revered site in Islam. More than 1.8 million faithful took part in last year s hajj.

But Iran s 64,000 pilgrims stayed away for the first time in three decades after tensions between Riyadh and Tehran boiled over following a deadly stampede during the 2015 pilgrimage. An agreement was reached earlier this year to allow Iranians to take part in the hajj.

Iran and Saudi Arabia will soon exchange diplomatic visits, Tehran said this week, in a possible sign of tensions easing after the archrivals cut ties last year.

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US trip not cancelled, Pakistan can do without Washington aid: Kh Asif

ISLAMABAD (NNI): After attending the National Security Committee (NSC) meeting today, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif assured that his trip to the United States has not been cancelled, adding that Pakistan can survive without aid from Washington.

The minister made it clear that Islamabad has played no role in destablising its neighbouring country Afghanistan, expressing support for global efforts to restore peace in the region.

While giving a policy statement in Senate, he said terrorist groups based in Afghanistan plan attacks in Pakistan.

He slammed India over its role of spreading terrorism in Afghanistan and called it a sensitive issue. India wants to destablise Pakistan from both east and west, he said, “100s of billions on Afghan war effort.. instead spend few billion & repatriate refugees from Pakistan and resettle in Afghanistan.. will bring huge dividends.”

Khawaja Asif further mentioned that NSC members condemned aggressive Indian policies of waging war in the region, calling it a threat to regional peace and interfering in the sovereignty of neighbouring countries. He accused India of using terrorists in order to fulfil its state policies.

Meanwhile, he took to Twitter and criticised ex-President and PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari. “Former President Asif Zardari instead of criticising govt, rein in Haqqani his ambassador to US taking credit of authoring US policy Pres Trump announced,” he said.

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MQM-London conspiring against LEAs, says Thelaywala who fled torture cell

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Muhammad Yousuf alias Thelaywala, an MQM-London activist who surrendered to Rangers in a bid to save his life, on Thursday revealed that MQM-London is hatching conspiracies against the law-enforcement agencies of the country.

While thanking the paramilitary Rangers for protecting him from the party leadership, he said had he not surrendered to paramilitary force, the man acting upon directives from London would have killed him.

Thelaywala told that when he read the press release issued by MQM-London on August 7 — stating him as killed by Rangers — he surrendered to the force fearing being killed by the party leadership.

While sharing details about Thelaywala, Sindh Rangers Spokesperson Major Qambar Raza said MQM-London had kept their active worker, Muhammad Yousuf alias Thelaywala, in hiding only to show that the paramilitary force tortured him to death.

The paramilitary forces refuted allegations leveled by Muttahida Qaumi Movement-London, presenting the activist that the party leadership claimed Rangers had killed.

The spokesperson said that before surrendering the activist fled to Mirpurkhas fearing MQM-London leadership would kill him only to prove their statement was not false. Later, the official added, Thelaywala surrendered to the Rangers.

The MQM-London press release Rangers spokesperson was referring to mentioned details of Thelaywala’s arrest on July 17 and recovery of his tortured body on July 27.

As per the allegations, Sindh Rangers had tortured Theywala to death and later threw his body in Hawwa Goth area of Orangi Town in Karachi. Moreover, the press release added, Edhi Centre declared the body as unclaimed and buried it on July 30. The document stated Thelaywala’s family identified his body by looking at the photo shown to them.

However, according to the Rangers spokesperson, the law-enforcement agency conducted a raid in Orangi Town on July 17, but Thelaywala fled the site and fearing arrest, remained in hiding. The spokesperson added MQM-London had asked their activist to remain in hiding so that they could carry on with their “propaganda” against law-enforcement agencies.



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Trump’s threats to Pakistan proves failure of foreign policy: JI

ISLAMABAD (INP) Ameer Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that US President Trump’s threats to Pakistan proves the failure of the country’s foreign policy during the last four years. Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, he said that Trump had threatened this country to please Indian Prime Minister Modi and had announced war against Islamabad.

Sirajul Haq urged the government to frame its foreign policy not for the sake of US dollars but to safeguard national interests. He also called for convening special sessions of the Senate and the National Assembly to discuss Trump’s statement. He said that Pakistanis were a free nation and they would not yield to the US pressure.

He said that in spite of Pakistan’s support to the US in the war on terror, the US had declared Syed Salahud Din and Kashmiris liberation organization Hizbul Mujahideen as terrorists to please New Delhi.

He said that the JI had been pressing upon the ousted Prime Minister to appoint a full fledged Foreign Minister but he did not pay heed to this demand for full four years. The JI chief said that the Pak armed forces and the masses had offered huge sacrifices to counter terrorism due to which peace had been restored in the country. He said the US wanted resumption of bomb blasts in this country.

Talking to newsmen after intra party elections of the JI Youth in Islamabad, Sirajul Haq said that the JI would gather one lakh 22 thousand elected youth on the Pakistan Day, 23rd of March next year at he Minar e Pakistan to lay the foundation of an Islamic, prosperous Pakistan according to the Quaid e Azam’s vision. He said that this country was not the Jagir of the feudal lords of capitalists and the JI would issue fifty per cent tickets in the next elections to the youth to bring forth talented young men in the assemblies.

He said these young men would not become the fodder for the political parties but would play their role in building the country as a developed nation. Sirajul Haq said that the JI was organizing the country’s youth not on parochial grounds but to serve collective national causes. He said that at the first stage, intra party elections were being held in the Punjab during which around four million youth would elect one lakh 22 thousand young men.

He said that so far, the young men were disappointed due to different reasons and according to a report, around 6.4 million young men were addicts. He said the JI would try to build the young men as useful citizens by promoting healthy activities and games and sports. These young men would be associated with the heroes who have rendered heroic deeds in science or other fields. Libraries and science laboratories would be build at union Council level.

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Industrialists from Faisalabad call on Chairman PTI

ISLAMABAD (NNI): A delegation of high profile industrialists from Faisalabad led by Mr. Zafar Iqbal Sarwar called on Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan and other senior leaders of the party including Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Central Secretary General Jahangir Tareen and Member National Assembly Asad Umer today and briefed them about certain policies which will help in attaining sustainable economic growth and make Pakistan an export oriented country.

According to the details provided by PTI’s Central Media Department the delegation briefed chairman and leadership over measures to attain sustainable economic growth and maintained that increase in export of value added textile products is inevitable. Such increase is only possible if the cost of doing business is brought down and is kept lower than competing countries like India, Bangladesh and China.

Government has imposed various taxes on industrial fuels (electricity and gas) which are unjust and unreasonable. It is marked that the tax structure implemented by current government is not only inefficient but also creating hurdles for industrialists to generate more revenue for the country.

The delegation brought forward their proposal to bring in turnaround in economic sector and stressed upon the need to provide cheap energy to the industry. They upheld that a mechanism is needed for not blocking sales tax refunds and income tax refunds and also pressed on the need to settle previous refunds immediately. Textile package should be implemented in a suitable manner and it should be continued for a span of more than one year in a bid to enhance exports.

They urged the government trade missions to focus on export increase in foreign countries. Current government has maintained its currency position by manipulating its foreign reserves which is quite harmful to the economy in the long run. The government is least interested in the wellbeing of farmers and took no steps to improve crop yield and gave no heed to construct new dams or water reservoirs.

Despite being fourth largest quality cotton producer, Pakistan is sixth largest cotton importing country in the world. The country needs minimum 20 Million bales production per year. The delegation maintained that the government has failed to facilitate manufacturers to introduce new and modernized equipment and further dilemma is that no research and development institutions are working to improve process efficiency.

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan appreciated delegation for reposing confidence in PTI and stated that addressing these issues is a top and foremost priority of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and assured them to raise these issues on the relevant forums.

“Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf believes that as a nation we cannot progress as long as our economy depends on handouts from international lenders and donors” Imran Khan stated and further went on to add that the policies of international lenders have strangulated the capacity of the ordinary citizen to live a life of dignity. He maintained that we as a nation must strive for self-reliance to make Pakistan an export oriented country.

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Raza Rabbani calls for making Senate vibrant, Parliament strong

ISLAMABAD (NNI): Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has reiterated his resolve to make the institution of Senate vibrant and continue struggle for strengthening democracy in the country.

Senate Chairman expressed these views while inaugurating the Senate Library after its complete revamping and refurbishment at the Parliament House.

Mian Raza Rabbani expressed his satisfaction that two important projects have been completed with the assistance of the youth of Pakistan which include Gali-e-Dastoor and extension of the Library. He acknowledged the cooperation extended by the House Business Advisory Committee during this process.

He said that a strong Parliament contributes towards strengthening the federation. Chairman Senate appreciated the cooperation of the Senate Secretariat, Secretary Senate, UNDP, UK Aid, SADA (NUST), CDA and others in the library project which has been completed in a very short span of time.

Deputy Chairman Senate Moulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri lauded Mian Raza Rabbani for his contributions and remarkable steps taken for making the House of Federation vibrant and the Parliament more assertive.

Leader of the House in the Senate Raja Muhammad Zafar ul Haq termed it a positive step and said that revamped library would provide better services to the parliamentarians and assistance in legislation. Leader of the Opposition Senator Atizaz Ahsan observed that libraries are a source of providing important information and knowledge to the new generation.

Secretary Senate Amjed Pervez Malik observed that expansion and improvement of the Senate library was long overdue, however, under the guidance of Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani the challenging task has been accomplished in a record time of less than six months. He said that with the completion of this project the strategic plan of actions aimed at bringing dynamism and excellence in the stature and reputation of the Upper House as the House of Federation and national unity have now started to yield the envisaged connectivity with intelligentsia, academia and other segments of the society.

Secretary Senate further said that futuristic planning and judicious use of available resources are some of the driving principle of Pakistan Senate’s new development paradigm, developed in harmony between the political and administrative leadership. Key decision making forums like the Senate Finance and House Advisory Committee stand completely revived and the Secretariat of Senate is galvanized toward playing a proactive role in implementation of all initiatives, Secretary Senate said.

It is pertinent to mention here that the new library revamping and refurbishment project was completed with the cooperation of UNDP, UK Aid, CDA and school of Art, Design and Architecture (SADA), NUST.

Some of the added features include new computer systems with state of the art gadgets, accessories, new data bases for research journals, cabin for researchers, exclusive data bank of research papers, legislative briefs, committee research and subscription for online book stores besides up-gradation and customization of existing TLS, revamping of Senate Library webpage, integration of e-data / E-books modules in Senate library website and development of software for archival of debates, audio and video database with various search options besides many other features / options.

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Mehar brought back as city police chief to control rising crime ratio

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Just little over a month the Sindh Government of Pakistan Peoples Party revised its decision regarding city chief of the police after reshuffle on July 17 resulted in rising crime ration in the seaside Pakistani metropolis of Karachi.

As part of the first major review decision, the Sindh Government reappointed Mushtaq Ahmed Mehar, an officer close to IG Sindh AD Khowaja currently posted as Additional IG Traffic , replacing Ghulam Qadir Thebo who has now been relieved from his post as Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG) Karachi.

According to a notification issued by Chief Secretary Sindh Rizwan Memon on Thursday, Thebo will now take over as AIG Traffic Sindh. The notice, however, does not mention any reason for the reshuffle.

Thebo, who was formerly the Chairman of Sindh’s Enquiries and Anti-corruption Establishment, was appointed AIG Karachi on July 17 while Mahar was posted as AIG Traffic Sindh in place of Khadim Hussain Bhatti.

On July 17, almost a week after the Sindh Government took powers transfer and posting of the Inspector General Police and handed over these to home minister, the provincial government of Pakistan Peoples Party changed the team of Police Chief AD Khowaja in a major reshuffle.

Two contenders for the post of IGP from Pakistan Peoples Party’s list, Ghulam Qadir Thebo and Sardar Abdul Majeed got important positions of additional IG Karachi and Additional IG Sindh, respectively.

According to notification issued here on Monday; Mr. Ghulam Qadir Thebo chairman Enquiries and Anti-corruption is transferred and posted with immediate effect as additional Inspector General of Police, Karachi-Range vice Mr. Mushtaq Mehar, who has been transferred and posted as AIG Trarrafic police.

Khadim Hussain Bhatti, additional IG Traffic is transferred and posted as AIG research, development and inspection whereas Sardar Abdul Majeed has been Additional IG Sindh Range. Dr Aftab Ahmed Pathan, who was AIG Sindh Ranger, has been posted as AIG CID in place of Sanullah Abbasi.

Deeping the row over policing powers, the Sindh Government two weeks earlier issued notification giving the powers of appointing and transferring officers to Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal, a close aide of Anwar Majeed and Faryal Talpur. The powers had been taken back from the Inspector General of Police, Sindh earlier last week.

According to the new notification, which nullified the Sindh Government’s earlier notification issues last week, the decisions regarding posting and transfers of senior police officers will be taken by the Services, General Administration and Coordination Department of the provincial government after taking approval from Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal.

As per previous notification, the chief secretary was supposed to issue such orders of transfers and postings of the SSPs and SPs with approval of the Sindh chief minister but now such notification has been cancelled or withdrawn to empower the Sindh home minister.

The latest notification has been issued with the approval of Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah. The order is issued in accordance with Rule-7(ii) of the Sindh Government Rules of Business, 1986. According to the notification issued on Friday (July 7), not only SPs (grade 18) and SSPs (grade 19) but DIGs (grade 20) officers would also be transferred and posted with approval of the home minister Sindh.

This decision came after days of taking away powers of transfers and postings of SPs and SSPs from inspector general of police Sindh, A.D. Khowaja.

Three weeks ago, Chief Secretary Sindh Rizwan Memon issued a notification which reads; “This department’s order of even number date 9-8-2016, whereby powers delegated to the inspector general of police Sindh with regard to transfer and posting of superintendents of police ( Bs-18)/Senior Superintendents of Police (BS-19) and equivalent, is hereby cancelled/withdrawn.”

On May 30, the Sindh High Court reserved its judgment in the case against removal of Inspector General Police, Sindh Allah Dino Khowaja. A two member bench, headed by Justice Muneeb Akhter, was seized with case here at the Sindh High Court. On the outset of preceding the lawyer of petitioner, Advocate Faisal Siddiqui, submitted that statement of the advocate general Sindh that there is no period of the job of Inspector General was wrong.

He maintained that the power to appoint IG rests only with federal government, which is bound only to consult the provincial government. He said that it was the province which had requested the center to surrender Khowaja and appoint new IG.

In April, the Sindh government had sent Khowaja packing after it appointed another Grade-21 police officer already working in the province in his place. A.D. Khowaja, who belongs to small village Tando Mohammad Khan district in southern Sindh, was appointed as IG Sindh by the PPP government. But later differences emerged between the provincial government of PPP and Sindh Police chief when the latter refused to accept the orders of Anwar Majeed, business partner of former President and mill owner from Badin.

The difference further deepened when the official refused to accept the party demand regarding recruitment in Sindh Police. In March 2016, he assumed charge as IG Sindh. His appointment was preceded by the removal of Ghulam Hyder Jamali who had found himself at the centre of a National Accountability Bureau investigation into mismanagement of police funds.


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LHC bans broadcast of Sharif brothers’ anti-judiciary speeches

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday banned the broadcast of anti-judiciary speeches made by the ousted premier Nawaz Sharif, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and even sitting Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

The court’s verdict declaring the ban also includes 16 ministers.

LHC has directed Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) to ensure compliance and immediate implementation of the order. Petitioner Amna Malik submitted the petition in the court of Justice Mamoon-ur-Rasheed.

Lawyer Azhar Sadeeq argued that PEMRA took no action to bar the broadcast of anti-judiciary speeches of PM Shahid Khaqan, Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Khawaja Asif and others. PEMRA Chairman is not fulfilling his duties, hence their speeches should be banned by LHC, said Sadeeq.

LHC accepted the petition for hearing and banned the anti-judiciary speeches of the aforementioned PML-N leaders in the light of Panama case verdict of Nawaz Sharif ouster. It has summoned a report of implementation by September 12.

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Sherry Rehman slams govt’s ‘silence’ over Trump’s remarks

ISLAMABAD (NNI): Senator Sherry Rehman said on Thursday that the government’s response to US President Trump’s statement has been unsatisfactory.

“There was no proper response. We need to give a strong message to instil courage and hope among the people,” she remarked while speaking to meida. The government’s initial silence over the matter wasn’t an apt response, she said, adding that other political parties and parliament members should have been involved earlier on to form a consolidated reply.

This is necessary for the country’s benefit. “The country can’t be run on an autopilot or snooze mode,” she pointed out. “They want to speak about their own selves but not about the country. How is this fair?” She further said that other countries such as China, Russia and Saudi Arabia immediately responded to the statements.

“It is important to note how Chinese government condemned the statement before our government. The Chinese official also contacted US government to hatch up a solution for the situation.Russia has also condemned the statements.”

“You need to align your geostrategic interests and then work towards them,” she added. Proposing a solution, she said that a parliament session should be called so that everyone is briefed regarding our foreign policy. “Only then can we set a course for future policy.”

We must use the parliament [as a forum] to raise our voices. The government should realise that power lies in numbers. “When you have power, then everyone notices you. The people will take note that this is the voice of not just one person but an entire nation,” she added.

Early Tuesday morning, US President Donald Trump cleared the way for the deployment of thousands more US troops to Afghanistan Monday, backtracking from his promise to rapidly end America’s longest war, while pillorying ally Pakistan for offering safe haven to “agents of chaos.”

“Our commitment is not limited [and] our support is not a blank cheque,” he clarified, indicating that Pakistan should take a stronger line against possible terrorist elements taking refuge in the country.