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Ayesha Gulalai wears a turban to attend National Assembly session

ISLAMABAD (NNI): Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member Ayesha Gulalai Wazir on Thursday made a grand appearance to attend a session of the National Assembly wearing a traditional turban of the tribal areas.

“There is no male accompanying me. My family and myself are struggling against a mafia,” she introduced herself when asked by a security guard outside the parliament house.

Earlier this month, the disgruntled PTI member accused chairman Imran Khan of harassment and sending inappropriate text messages. She also said that Imran Khan condoned corruption in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and there was no respect for women in the party.

However, Gulalai refused to share evidence and instead said that PTI chief’s mobile phone should be checked. The PTI accused her of unfounded allegations and claimed that she was set up by the ruling PML-N, after the party refused to award her a party ticket.

“I am fighting against the mafia with family support,” she said. Gulalai recalled that Razia Sultana had also worn a turban when she competed with men. Gulalai gave a message to women that they should be consistent in fighting for their rights.

Gulalai, who was elected on a seat reserved for women, has refused to quit from her seat in the National Assembly. Gulalai hails from South Waziristan and was the youngest MNA when elected in 2013.

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