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Ayesha Mumtaz appointed as Deputy Secretary Livestock

LAHORE (INP): Ayesha Mumtaz, who as a former director of Punjab Food Authority (PFA) created waves in Lahore by taking action against adulterated and unhygienic food items, has been appointed as Deputy Secretary Livestock.

According to the sources, the former PFA Director has pledged to fulfill her duties with additional enthusiasm. She said that she will make sure to yield best results for her organization.

Ayesha Mumtaz has also served as Deputy Secretary of the Punjab Higher Education Department (HED) while she became famous for her cogent performance in launching crackdowns against the hotels, cafes and other food outlets over substandard eatables and not following cleanliness.

As a PFA Director, she held several people and fined them for providing unhygienic food.

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