Aymen Saleem shares her go-to makeup routine

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Aymen Saleem was a guest on Mashion where she shared her beauty and go-to makeup routines.

She revealed the products she uses to get her the look she typically sports on a daily basis. She is undoubtedly skilled at doing her own makeup.

Here are the products hat Aymen uses to get her everyday look:

1.     Skincare

The first step in Aymen Saleem’s makeup routine is to uses an Accufix cleanser to wash and clean her skin before following up with a serum of the same brand. She also applies sunscreen before starting her makeup. At the same time, she never forgets o moisturize her lips and uses a Dior lip balm.

2.     Foundation:

After that she applies a Dior Forever low Foundation.

3.     Concealer:

In the third step, she uses Tarte Shape Tape Concealer to conceal her dark circle.

    4. Powder:

She then applies Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder.

    5. Contour:

She uses Charlotte Tilbury Cream Contour for face contouring.

    6. Blush:

She also uses a cream blush by Charlotte Tilbury and uses the same as an eyeshadow.

    7. Brow:

The next step includes Benefit’s brow gel.

     8. Mascara:

Her favourite mascara is Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk.

     9. Lipstick:

The final step includes the application of Dior lipsticks.