Azadi Printing Press ready for publication services with high capacity

KABUL (Agencies): The Azadi printing press has been equipped with modern machines and new facilities in recent years, yet still, some government departments do not refer to this printing press publications services, say, officials.
Deputy Minister of Publication Affairs, Mohajir Farahi while, visiting Azadi Printing Press on Thursday asked the departments of the Islamic Emirate to refer to this press for their publications services to increase the capacity of Azadi Press.
Farahi hailed the staff of Azadi Press who work hard day and night providing services.
The Azadi Printing Press is currently equipped with modern equipment that is unique in the region say Hafiz Maulvi Abdul ur-Rahman Agha Hashemi, an official of the department.
According to him, they have decided to print the great holy Quran shortly with the accepted standards and in the same way that the institutions related to the Ministry of Information and Culture have decorated it.
Azadi Printing Press is ready for printing services and designs any kind of publication with high capacity and good technical facilities that are unique in the countries of the region says another official of the press. The Azadi Printing Press was founded 150 years back in the country Afghanistan.