Badakhshan Displaced Residents Living In Dire Conditions

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KABUL (Tolo News): Many war-displaced people in Badakhshan continue to live in dire conditions on the mountain slopes of Fizabad.

They said that due to war in Police Districts eight and nine of Fizabad city of Badakhshan leave their homes and came to the mountains but the lack of facilities for living, especially food, makes life difficult for them.

During the last six months clashes in Badakhshan have left hundreds of families without shelter and forced them to leave their entire livelihoods behind them to take refuge in other parts of the province.

“We don’t have food or clothes and no-one is helping us. We are living in a tent,” said Zarmina, a displaced woman.

“We are now in a bad situation and the government must help us,” said Halima, another displaced woman.

The displaced people complain of a lack of facilities for their daily needs.

“We left everything we own in the village. We escaped with our children. The government must help us. We are living in bad economic and health conditions,” said Qudratullah a displaced man.

“In past six months government only gave us $200 dollars and a tent. How are we expected to live with so few means?” said Qodos a displace man.

Meanwhile officials in Badakhshan have raised concerns over the matter and said that soon they will address the problems of displaced people.

“Undoubtedly, our refugee numbers are on the rise every day. They have many problems. Since we gave each family $200 dollars and a tent and we have been trying to help them further with the assistance of partner offices,” said Abdul Wahid Taibi Head of Badakhshan Refugees and Repatriates Department.

Badakhshan residents said that war and insecurity as well as poverty and unemployment are spreading every day. Currently two districts in the province are under the control of the Taliban and have been for past two years.

Residents said a number of other districts are also under security threats and if the government did not take action to solve problems the crisis will create more challenges for the residents.

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