Balkh disabled girls want their special schools reopened

MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): A number of physically-challenged girls in northern Balkh province urge the government to reopen their specific schools above sixth grade.
Karimi Faizi, a 10th grade student of a special school for disabled girls, told Pajhwok Afghan News the government ordered their special schools above sixth grade closed two months ago without any obvious reason.
“All girls reserve the right to study, I pursued my school until 10th grade to reach my ambitions, so the government should not ignore our desires,” she added.
Tamana Noori, a student of 11th grade of a special school for disabled girls, told Pajhwok that in the past four years, she also learned painting various pictures with her own hands.
She and some other girls urged the government to reopen their special schools.
Samira Balkhi, a teacher, told Pajhwok that the government had closed their school without any reason.
She added: “They only said that girls above sixth grade and their teachers should not come to this school. They provided no reason.”
Maulvi Jan Mohammad Hekmat, director of disabled affairs, told Pajhwok that he was talking to provincial officials about reopening of the special school for disabled girls.
He assured that the problem would be solved.
Girl’s schools above sixth grade have been closed since one and a half years across the country.
The government says the closure of girls’ schools above sixth grade is temporary and it is working on a plan in this regard.