Balochistan LG employees deprived of salaries

QUETTA (APP): The employees of Local Government Department Balochistan were deprived of salaries since the past three months due to persistent decrease in revenue generation and rampant corruption.
The President All Balochistan Municipal Workers Association, Quetta Muhammad Rahim Baloch told media persons that the main reason behind non payment of salaries and shortfall in revenue generation is misuse of resources and corrupt practices.
The wastage of revenue of the local department has accentuated financial problems for the province and if the corruption was not eliminated and money was not collected immediately, the government would be unable to pay salaries to its employees.
He lamented that the parking and other lease agreements have not yet been renewed despite passage of four years to the expiry of the agreement.
Despite completion of parking plaza at circular road by spending billion of rupees last year, not a single penny is earned by the department from the plaza.
Similarly, the main sources of income including Liaquat and other parks have been bunged for the last four years.
Apart from that, bicycle and motorcycle stands in the city have not been auctioned for last four years.
All their assets should be rented out for generating money and paying salaries to the employees.
He urged the authorities concerned to investigate the corruption in the department fix the responsibility of embezzlement of billion rupees.
He demanded generation of the revenue from the resources of local government department by generating from its assets.