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Baseless allegations

In functional democracies and civilized democratic societies, public office holders resign from active politics and do not make hostage the government to his personal interest. The political history of Briton and Germany is replete with precedents how gracefully the Prime Ministers and Chancellors retire from active politics and win a respectable place in history. But in Pakistan this not the case as the former disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is not willing to go out of the corridors of power and in this exercise he has continued his campaign of baseless allegations against the state institutions.

In his press conference in Punjab House on Wednesday, the former Prime Minister alleged that by virtue of illegal verdict of his disqualification, secret contacts and telephone calls the way to power of a political party is being blocked with the intentions to catapult a blue-eyed-boy to the saddle of power. He threatened to spell the beans if activities behind the curtain were not stopped against him. He also complained that accusing fingers on his patriotism are pointed with certain interpretations of “Dawn Leaks” episode and some other events. He also referred in an unhappy mood to Sou motto taken by the Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar for ensuring basic rights of the common man enshrined in the Constitution. Nawaz Sharif urged the Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to ignore the threats and taunts of the US President Donald Trump and work out economic policies for achieving self reliance.

It is a matter of record that in Panama Papers Case, Honorable Judges of the larger bench of the Apex Court provided numerous opportunities to the legal team of former Prime Minister and his family members to submit a single peace of evidence in support of his offshore assets and the money trail for transfer of billion of rupees abroad through legal channels. But they could not submit any documentary evidence in the defense of their clients. Hence the Rule of Law took its course against the former Prime Minister and his family members. They should now legally, and not politically, contest the cases of corruptions charges in the National Accountability Court and refrain from maligning the Judiciary. Under the Article 184/3 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the Supreme Court has the original Jurisdiction to take Sou motto notice for ensuring basic rights to the people. Cognizance of the matters pertaining to provision of clean drinking water, insufficient health facilities in government hospitals and highly inflated tuition fee charged by private medical colleges come under the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The hue and cry in this regard is unjustified.

The contents of the discussions in official meetings irrespective of their level are,usually,classified in nature and their contents are released to print and electronic media after careful vetting and approval of competent authority. How come that, a cooked news story in the form of charge sheet against an important state institution, about a meeting chaired by the Chief Executive of the country was leaked to a leading English Newspaper. It was immediately lifted by Indian media houses. That is why former Interior Minister and senior leader of ruling PML-N Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan had to say that “Dawn Leaks “reflected the narrative of India against Pakistan. This issue, remaining tight lipped by the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif against Indian high profile Indian terrorist spy, Kubusan Jhadev and existence of a particular organist ion of political nature in the Indian Punjab will certainly fuel speculations, conjectures and surmise against him. Human beings are mortal and no body is indispensible. One should not malign state institution merely for the protection of his vested interest, particularly when the United States has put Pakistan on notice and situation on our eastern and western borders is tensed.


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