Bayat gets Mother Teresa Memorial Award

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: Dr. Ehsan Bayat, co-founder of the Bayat Foundation, has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 Mother Teresa Memorial International Award For Social Justice.

The award was conferred on Dr. Bayat and his foundation in recognition of their successful efforts to provide the neediest Afghans with food, clothing, healthcare, education, clean water and other necessities.

The Harmony Foundation, which selected Bayat for the award, was established in 2005 to establish peaceful relations and social harmony between communities throughout the world.

“Saint Teresa of Calcutta embraced the commandment to love and serve, and improve the lives of the poorest of the poor as the sole mission of her life, we accept the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award For Social Justice with tremendous humility and gratitude,” said Bayat.

“In 2006, when my wife Mrs. Fatema Bayat and I started the Bayat Foundation, we had a simple but powerful wish — we wanted to help provide Afghans with healthcare, education, clean water — the basic necessities of life,” he added.

The Bayat Foundation had sponsored over 300 projects in Afghanistan, including the construction of 13 hospitals caring for 2,000,000 Afghan mothers and their children, said.

“We have been blessed by this opportunity to serve Afghans, and every day we try our best to live out the wisdom that Mother Teresa gave to the world, when she said ‘The Greatest Good is what we do for one another.”