‘Being branded as a racist is worse than a murderer.’ Whites are ashamed for their skin color

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Ksenia Marsina

In the United States, a new racially motivated scandal. A university professor was fired for refusing to arrange a lightweight exam for black students. Although the years of slavery, apartheid, lynching and discrimination seem to be in the distant past, many are convinced that racism still flourishes in the country. Only this time the white population is complaining about the harassment.
“Make your tests easier”
“I suffered emotionally and physically. I was treated by a therapist, gastroenterologist and psychiatrist,” says Gordon Klein, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Last year, an African American student sent him a letter on the eve of his final exams asking him to “be lenient towards black students who are already having a hard time following the death of George Floyd and the massive BLM protests,” and to allow them the so-called harmless exam. This is when only a good result is counted.
The teacher recalled the constitutional prohibition on racial preferences in public education. “What should I do if the student is mestizo? Half dark-skinned, half Asian? And if white, but originally from Minneapolis (Floyd died there. – Ed.)? Should they completely concede in this matter or only half? I think, a white student from this city it will be even more difficult, because some may accuse him of racism, “- he replied to the author of the letter.
By the evening, they collected 20 thousand signatures demanding the dismissal of the teacher. He was removed from work, then reinstated, but the scandal severely tarnished his reputation. The law firms that he consulted have stopped working with him. And that was the lion’s share of the income.
White is racist
A similar story happened with Taryn Camara of Fall River, Massachusetts. A 22-year teacher in July 2020, at the height of the BLM protests over the death of George Floyd, wrote on Facebook: than at the hands of whites. ” The post quickly spread across the Inte-rnet. The teacher’s behavior was called “inappropriate” and was fired.
Commerce is particularly affected by racial scandals. A recent example is the embarrassment of the Coca-Cola Company. A training was arranged for the employees.
“Try to be less white” was the main slide of the presentation. The authors of the training course explained: it means being less arrogant and ignorant, not so persistently defending your position, listening to others, trusting and being more modest. According to the company, even children of three or fo-ur years old support the sy-stem of racial inequality in Western countries. Alleg-edly, from this age, people understand that it is better to be white than colored.
One of the employees leaked the presentation to the Web. Many were outraged. After all, if you replace the word “white” with “black”, you get phrases that make it easy to lose your job in the United States and even go to court.
“No private school will be accepted”
Dissatisfied with what is happening speak, as a rule, anonymously. They are sure that there is discrimination against the white population in the country. City Journal describes how parents of private school students ($ 40,000 a year) gather in Los Angeles in secret to discuss the situation.
“They make my son feel racist simply because he is white. If you publish my name, it will ruin my life,” complains the mother of one of the students.
“The management can refuse us training at any time. You will be blacklisted and not taken anywhere. Or they will be called a racist – this is worse than a murderer,” she echoes another.
In one school in Boston, which is dominated by African and Hispanic students, 70 percent of whites and Asians passed the entrance test very well. But special classes with in-depth study of subjects were not organized for them. They explained: “We need to fight injustice, racism. Everyone should have an equal chance.”
And in New York, they developed a scale of “identity”, asking parents to indicate whether they are supporters of white supremacy or are in favor of “washing out the whiteness.” In some educational institutions, writers are divided into “good” and “bad”. For example, in California, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Moc-kingbird were removed fro-m the program for racism. And in history lessons it is even more confusing.
Blacks have other rights
There are other requirements for African Americans. For them, the passing score to universities is lower, they are given quotas at enterprises. There is also the so-called positive discrimination – all other things being equal, a representative of a minority is hired for a vacancy.
All of this is actively supported by President Joseph Biden. He repeatedly got down on one knee in solidarity with the protesters. He said that minorities would be the first to receive financial assistance in a pandemic.
Reparations for blacks are being seriously discussed. Activists have been dreaming about this for a long time. The topic was raised in the primaries of candidates from the Democratic Party, this is being dealt with by Biden’s adviser Cedric Richmond.
To overcome “systemic racism” they are considering the possibility of free education in “historically African American universities” and assistance in buying a home. The authorities believe that this will make up some of the damage done to blacks.

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