Belarus-Russia will begin Military exercises in Sept 2021

F.P Report

MOSCOW: Russian Military is all set to initiate military exercise with Belarus. On Saturday Russia’s Western Military District has issued a statement confirming that the Zapad-2021 (or West-2021) Russian-Belarusian military exercise will focus on countering cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The aim of Zapad-2021 Russian-Belarusian exercise is ensuring the military security of the Union State of Russia and Belarus. These military exercises will take place in September 2021.

 The plan of the exercise was approved at a joint board meeting of the two countries’ defense ministries in October 2020.

The official statement has mentioned that ‘The Zapad-2021 drills will focus on combating cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as on fire and electronic warfare activities against enemy formations, ways to train airborne troops’ vertical envelopment capability and rapidly shift between military activities.’

Additionally the exercise will involve troops from the Western Military District’s Combined Arms Army and snap combat readiness checks will be conducted as part of preparations for the drills.