Beradar called Kamal Khan Dam a national vital project

KABUL (Agencies): The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Deputy Prime Minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund visiting Kamal Khan Dam in Nimroz, called a vital national project.
On his visit Beradar praised the work done by the project managers and give some instruction in regarding for the administration development operations of the staff in Nimroz.
Kamal Khan Dam is one of the largest dams in the country, which was built in Chahar Barjak district of Nimroz to control seasonal floods, irrigate agricultural lands and generate electricity.
The agricultural lands that are irrigated from the Kamal Khan Dam have an area of 174,000 hectares. The dam is also useful in terms of keeping the environment safe and controlling monsoon rains, along with benefiting farm lands.
The project designed in the time of Mohammad Dawood Khan a former president of the country, created many similar projects for the development of the Afghanistan in is time, but the construction of the dam has not been completed so far, meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is planning to complete the rest of this national project in the near future.
Since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, took control of power the country, the reconstruction of basic and national projects has started in the country, including this vital national projects of Kamal Khan Dam.