Best multiplayer games for Android in 2019

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ISLAMABAD: Playing games in their spare time is a hobby for many people. However, some people are so addictive to play games. Some play games just to pass their free time. However, some play games to sharpen their skills. For example, some people love to play puzzle games to sharpen their brains. As per their interests, many people prefer to play different games. However, instead of playing alone, some people love to play multiplayer games. In this article, I bring 15 Best Multiplayer Games for Android that you can play in 2019.

AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D is one of the newer multiplayer games on mobile. It features most of the stuff that you will surely like. There are lots of quests to do, various classes, raid bosses, dungeons, and there is even some crafting. The best thing about this game is that it has complete cross-platform support. You can play it on mobile or on PC if you prefer. There are chats, raids, and even PvP that you can play with other people.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition is one of the best multiplayer games for Android. In the game, you are dropped into a randomly generated world and then you are free to do whatever you want. Just like AdventureQuest 3D, this game also supports cross-platform play with PC and Xbox One. Now you can play with your friends anywhere. The game includes two modes: survival and creative. Creative mode doesn’t let you die for any reason. Survival mode spawns bad guys, a food system, and you can die. Those looking for console level quality in a mobile game can’t do much better than this. The game contains in-app purchases for character skins.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the best multiplayer games for Android. These are the games where you are like the king of a place, and you have to build a town from scratch. You have to create a strategy to build everything like resources, defenses, army, and other things. If you are into these kinds of things then definitely you will love this game. Not only this, you can attack other player’s town from around the world. You can create a clan with your friends and have a war with the enemy clan. Sounds so much fun but beware it’s a very addictive game. You will surely love to play this game in 2019 as well.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

I personally love to play racing games. If you are like to play racing games, then Asphalt 8: Airborne is of the best multiplayer racing games for Android. Asphalt 8: Airborne will give a great experience like Need For Speed Most Wanted. Moreover, it is a multiplayer game and you can play with 11 other players around the world. Furthermore, you can also do a lot of other stuff too. You can select from lots of cars and can change the design. If you don’t want to play with others, you can play it in a single player mode as well.


Hearthstone is a card-dueling game. Your goal is to build a deck with various cards and then duel other players online. The game is best suitable for the people who love to play cards. It has support for both mobile and PC. All you have to do is make a account and you can switch back and forth at will. It’s intensely popular and you shouldn’t have problems finding people to play against. That’s why we thought it as one of the best multiplayer games for Android.


Badland is an award-winning side-scrolling action adventure game set in a gorgeous forest full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers. That’s why we consider it one of the best multiplayer games for Android. The best part of the game is that multiple players can play it on the same device. So, when you are playing with your friends, you have to follow the regular maps with a story. However, if you do not want to play with others, you can play it by yourself.

Drive Ahead

Yet again, one of the most popular and best multiplayer games for Android. This is a fun game. In this game, all you have to do is that you fight with the cars and try to knock other’s helmets. Moreover, you and your friends will have access to 100s of different cars and a wide variety of fighting arenas. The app is Free and contains ads. Moreover, the game also contains in-app purchases for the features that you want while playing.

Tank Hero: Laser Wars

If you like action games? If yes, then surely you will love to play this game. Tank Hero is one of the best multiplayer action and puzzle games for Android. All you need to do is that you get a tank with a wide range of weapons like laser guns, sonic cannons, etc., and conquer the in-game worlds. You can play this game in single mode as well. However, you can play with your friends for a match as well. Moreover, the game is completely free and contains ads. There is also no in-app purchases.

Holy Shoot – Soccer Battle

Are you a soccer lover? If yes, then you will love to play this game. Holy Shoot – Soccer Battle is one of the best multiplayer games for Android. The game contains 8-bit pixel graphics. The game seems so easy to play. Al you have to do is just tap a single button and try to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. Moreover, it is a free game and can contain ads. Moreover, the game has in-app purchases to purchase the other features.

War of the Wizards

One of the best multiplayer fantasy and magic games for Android is War of Wizards. As the name suggests, you are a wizard in the game who can control and cast different spells to take down your enemy or in this case, your friend. A very simple game. The app is absolutely free and contains ads. To enhance the gaming experience, the game has in-app purchases.

Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer

As its name suggests, it is a racing game and also one more option for the racing game lovers. The game gives you the freedom to choose between a cop or a racer. It is one of the best multiplayer games for Android giving you more choice.  If you are a cop then you need to catch the racer before the player completes the race. If you are a racer then you need to complete the race without being caught. The game has a good physics engine. It contains a wide range of cars to chose from. The game is free and contains ads. The game uses in-game purchases for upgrades. You can earn in-game currency by playing or use the money to unlock some features. The best part of the game is that you can play with your friends on the same network or using Bluetooth.

Dual Multiplayer Shooter

Dual Multiplayer Shooter is a shooting game which can be played both offline with a bot and with friends via Bluetooth. Becasue of its simple interface we consider it one of the best multiplayer games for Android. Each player can pick three weapons and a bomb from a selection of 32 weapons and hit each other in turns until the opponent’s health hits zero. Of course, you can dodge the incoming attacks too. The game is free and contains ads. Some characters and power-ups can be unlocked via in-app purchases.

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