Biden betrayed his comrades-in-arms and the planet

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Sergey Savchuk

The American green public is furious. The US Land Administration Committee has released data showing that Joe Biden, who rose to the top of power precisely as a champion of clean energy sources, in his first year at the helm of the state issued more permits for drilling oil and gas wells than his predecessor.
More specifically, in the outgoing year, the Biden administration issues an average of 330 permits per month for exploration and production drilling. That’s thirty-five percent more than Donald Trump’s team didin his first year in the White House. The former head of the United States, although he was an ardent proponent of traditional energy and for the first time in history made the United States an exporter of natural gas, then signed an average of two hundred and forty-five permits a month. Moreover, the Republicans, not only in the first year of Trump’s presidency, but in general during his entire presidency, issued fewer licenses to drillers. The only exception was the last months of his tenure in power, when oil and gas companies, as the American press writes, stocked up on permits for future use, fearing the arrival of a “green” democrat. During that period, subsoil users received 450 permits every month.
The fears of big business turned out to be completely unfounded. Only in April of this year, the new government approved a record number of applications – 652, which with a margin exceeds all of Donald Trump’s lobbying initiatives.
The publication of the statistics had the effect of a bomb exploding. Eco-activists at all levels have accused Biden of his entire fight for the environment, including his speeches at the recent Glasgow summit, nothing more than imitation and pretense. The incumbent President of the United States from a comrade-in-arms and the main driving force immediately turned almost into a traitor.
The indignation of conservationists is understandable. Moreover, it will be even stronger if the general public understands one simple thing: the environment today is just one of the items on the political agenda. And no more.
There are now two main financial forces in the world – China and the United States. It is clearly not worth counting on Beijing in matters of an ecological revolution in energy and industry, and the Chinese, in fact, do not promise anything. The government and the party are faced with the main task: to ensure sustainable growth of the economy and production, which is possible only with the planned commissioning of new generating capacities. That is why China gets off with polite excuses for all demands to reduce coal consumption and at the same time plans to build and commission eighteen new nuclear reactors by 2026.
Environmentalists pinned their hopes on America, but today’s most clearly shows that the United States is traditionally very self-centered, and this automatically affects all sectors and industries. Therefore, the American environmental agenda for domestic and foreign consumers is rigidly tied to electoral cycles.
The Biden administration is flirting with oil workers for a reason. The energy crisis knows no boundaries, and the ocean is not a hindrance for it. It is possible to stop price surges and provide potential voters with light only by increasing our own production. So far, renewable sources – which the apologists of the green energy transition do not like to talk about – cannot even come close to replacing traditional ones, losing to the latter in terms of production capacity, reliability, and regardless of weather conditions.
Joe Biden, like any other president, is not going to be limited to one term and is already working on the 2024 election campaign. The Democratic headquarters no doubt took into account its own failure in 2016, when Donald Trump won in large part thanks to the bet on representatives of the industry, in particular the oil and coal miners. It is this category of citizens who are now being processed by political strategists through the implementation of all kinds of benefits, since the situation on the markets and exchanges makes it possible to write off everything on taking care of the interests of the country and its citizens.
Today in the world there is a sharp increase in demand for metallurgical coke. The trend is so noticeable that ideas for increasing production are already openly thrown into the media space of the United States, the countries with the largest proven reserves of coal and where mainly coal is mined, some of which is used for coke production.
Moreover, the mass listener and reader are led to the idea that it would be nice to legally restrict the export of coal to China, on which Washington has already imposed protective duties in the supply of metal products.
If the Democratic team succeeds in realizing this, Joe Biden will get a big plus in his campaign booklet for the next election. His team will be able to claim with good reason that it was able to stem the rise in fuel prices for metallurgists, saved jobs and prevented a sharp jump in prices on the domestic market.
The slowdown in the decline in coal production, or even some growth, will knock out another trump card from the hands of Trump, who has already announced his ambitions for re-election. Democrats will enlist the support of the owners of coal enterprises, increase their own popularity in traditionally republican and part-time coal-mining states like Wyoming, Dakota or Utah. It will also help to calm down the specialized trade unions, which play a very prominent role in national politics. Just a month ago, West Virginia Democratic Sen-ator Joe Manchin, under pressure from local coal unions, opposed his party’s green energy program.
To understand the scale of the demarche: we are talking about disrupting a program worth 550 billion as part of a nationwide project of two trillion dollars. Moreover, no one even hides that this was done at the request of the trade unions and in order to include coal miners in their electoral team.
When examining America’s environmental agenda, you need to keep in mind a number of little-known facts. For example, that literally in the first week of his work in the White House, Biden signed an executive order banning the Department of Internal Resources from issuing drilling permits. However, the governors of 14 states under Republican rule simply ignored this order. For example, a judge in Louisiana simply overturned the ban.
Democrats dramatically rushed to sue the troublemakers, and when the trial left the front pages of newspapers and thoroughly bogged down in legal casuistry, Washington and the Department of Internal Resources without the slightest remorse gave the oil workers an additional eighty million acres of federal land in the Gulf of Mexico.
That is, the environmentalists’ accusations against Biden have every reason, because in words the US President positions himself as the main world fighter for a clean, environmentally friendly future, but in fact, in terms of indulging in hydrocarbon energy, he will easily give a head start to Donald Trump.
Everything that happens, we repeat, does not cause much joy, because such a hotly and heatedly discussed future of the planet is actually nothing more than a point of America’s internal political games. The very country that, given its weight in the world arena and financial capabilities, could really become a catalyst for real change.

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