Biden in Europe: How Russia will be forced to pay and repent

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Victoria Nikiforova

‘‘I am Jill’s husband,” the American president introduced himself to the Vatican church dignitaries who met him. This joke set a somewhat absurd mood for all events in the Eternal City: from Joe Biden’s meetings with European leaders to the two-day G20 summit.
It all started with a completely surreal passage of the presidential cortege through the streets of the Eternal City. It looked like the emblem of the “new normal”. The eternally crowded streets of Rome were empty as if they were bombed. Endless ranks of security officers lined the edge of the sidewalks. And an absolutely incredible caravan of armored cars was slowly floating along the pavements: the President of the United States and his retinue were traveling to the Vatican to meet the Pope in eighty-two cars. What about our carbon footprint? It is evident that only the plebeians leave it behind.
For many years, it has been explained to us from every iron that the world is ruled by the invisible hand of the market. However, the activity of the American president in the last three days was such that it seemed that it was his hand, completely covered with old “buckwheat”, which ruled the Western world.
In the Vatican, Biden not only met with Pope Francis, but also renewed relations with the cruelly – and more than once – the President of France offended by him. Emmanuel Macron had a right to be angry. First, the Afghan afront – Biden withdrew troops from the country, even out of politeness without consulting the European NATO allies. Then another blow: the States called Australia into the new military alliance AUKUS and, under this case, forced her to cancel a multibillion-dollar contract for French submarines. At the same time, the French made it clear that from now on in their traditional sandbox – the countries of Indochina – Americans, British and Australians will be in charge. Macron then became so angry that for the first time in history he recalled the ambassador from Washington.
However, at a meeting with Biden at the French embassy in the Vatican, the presidents made it clear that the conflict was over. Biden very successfully played the role of an elderly Ramoli, who is not responsible for anything and does not understand where he is. “I didn’t know,” he muttered to the reporter’s question. “I thought France was informed (about the creation of AUKUS)…” President Macron did not receive any apologies. The video from the press conference clearly shows how annoyed he is and how difficult it is for him to restrain himself.
In manual mode, the US President tried to solve such a difficult issue as the energy supply of Europe. Chancellor Merkel was instructed to “support Ukraine.” The fact is that in the absence of a life-giving gas pipeline, this territory turned out to be a real suitcase without a handle. Americans and Europeans shove it off to each other and don’t know what to do with it.
In September, the leaders of Germany and the United States seemed to have struck a deal. Merkel (or her replacement as chancellor) will get Russia to supply Ukraine with gas right up to 2034 – thirteen years ahead. And for this, the Americans will allow the Germans to receive gas via Nord Stream 2.
And all of this was once positioned for us as a “free market”. Remember how we once aspired to the WTO, how we hoped for a system of simple and transparent rules that would allow us to integrate into the global economy? But, barely joining, they faced discrimination, protectionism and abuse of administrative resources.
That violates all market norms “Third Energy Package” of the EU. It is not clear what the sanctions have been pumped out for. Does anyone else remember the reason for them? But now – just think – in order to start gas trading through the gas pipeline built by us, it is necessary for some reason to take the maintenance of Ukraine. And then the Americans will not allow the Germans something there. High, high relationship!
The meeting of the President of the United States with Western leaders in Rome revealed the main problem of American foreign policy. States impose on other countries a variety of agreements, agreements, contracts, conventions. And then they come out of all these agreements with incredible ease and try to “resolve issues” in manual mode.
In recent years, even the closest and most trusted allies have suffered from the inability of the United States to negotiate. In 2015, Washington supported the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, withdrew from it in 2018, and has now voiced its desire to sit down at the negotiating table again. It’s the same story with the Paris climate agreement. In 2015, the United States entered it, in 2020 it left it, in 2021 it entered it again. “Wonderful comes in, – said Winnie the Pooh. – And it comes out, too!”
Countries participating in such international agreements honestly fulfill their obligations. For example, they clean up industrial production, reduce carbon emissions – by the way, today Russia has become the world champion in the rate of their reduction. And the United States – the world’s largest producer of CO 2 – only clucks about the horrors of global warming, nightmarizing humanity, and they themselves do not even think about making any energy transition.
Let the European allies freeze in their homes, stand in queues for gasoline, and face the very real threat of hunger. In America, as if nothing had happened, they pump oil, produce gas and make profits. Washington is fighting global warming in a marvelous way with the wrong hands. The states have not introduced any carbon tax: it is much more profitable to force the Europeans to do it.
If the vassals dare to murmur, direct threats are used. Just on the eve of Biden’s visit to Europe, the Financial Times published the opinion of some anonymous European sources that the EU countries are asking the United States not to abandon the concept of a first nuclear strike in any way. Europeans, they say, cannot live without an American nuclear umbrella. Who is the umbrella from? Well, of course – from Russia and from China.
The coronavirus pandemic, of course, played a role in the decision of President Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping not to go to the G20 meeting and the climate summit in Glasgow. However, even more important is this fundamental incapacity for negotiation of the Western partners. Well, we will sign new agreements, well, we will begin to honestly implement them, and then we will see that the leading European countries have already jumped off this train, and Washington has never even got on it. And somehow it turns out that the main beneficiary of all the agreements will be the Americans, something will be transferred to the Europeans, and Russia, as always, will be forced to pay and repent.

The Rome meeting of the G20 smoothly flows into the just started climate summit in Glasgow. Joe Biden took the new American anti-warming policy there. She is detailed in the influential journal Foreign Affairs. Its essence is that sovereign states are no longer needed at all, since their governments cannot defeat the “climate catastrophe”.
Therefore, you need to establish a world government. It will be run by the Americans, but some positions will be reserved for European allies, primarily Britain. The most promising American discovery is that “the resources of the state are not its national property, they belong to the whole world.” If a sovereign state disposes of its natural resources somehow incorrectly, it deserves foreign intervention – by God, it is said there directly in these words.
What’s the beauty of the new American climate policy? It applies to all those states that have signed various international agreements on the environment. For example, the Convention on the Conservation of Biological Diversity. It was adopted in 1992, and there are many countries among the signatories – from Burkina Faso to China, from Russia to the Cook Islands. Then they thought that biodiversity is something so cute, about dolphins and butterflies. As you might guess, the USA, like many other environmental agreements, did not even think to sign this convention. Here is a truly exceptional country that will take care of its dolphins and butterflies on its own. And at the same time he will look after strangers.
The entire climate agenda boils down to the fact that the Americans are offering their European vassals to participate in the robbery of Russia and China. It will be like a compensation for an energy transition. China will be levied with duties and tariffs, Russia too. Plus we have our resources, which, as it turns out, are no longer ours. There are so many of them that they threaten us with a real war.
Of course, neither the United States nor Europe has any leverage to implement this policy. The absence of Putin and Xi Jinping in Rome and Glasgow has become a rather loud bell. Without them, this whole talking shop has no prospects.
Perhaps, “Jill’s husband” and it seems that he rules the whole world. Perhaps he even thinks he rules the universe. However, when the summits end and Biden leaves, the Europeans will have to return to the real world. There, it will be necessary to rebuild honest and mutually beneficial relations with Russia and China and increasingly ignore the shouts from Washington. It’s not easy, of course, but it’s time to get used to it.

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