Biden’s assertion on Iran’s political violence

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has dismissed a pledge from US President Joe Biden to free Iran as the clerical regime faced a new upsurge in weeks-long protests in the country. According to the details, while Campaigning for mid-term elections in the United States, Biden toasted his supporters not to worry as America is going to liberate Iran.

Iran is in the grip of anarchy and violent protests over the past seven weeks. The protests which erupted after the death of a Kurdish girl in Police custody, demanding justice for Mahsa Amni later turned into a popular anti-government movement across the country. The continued violence cost the lives of dozens of security personnel, while thousands of demonstrators had been arrested by the security forces including women, children, journalists, human rights defenders, and people from all walks of life. Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps and Intelligence clamping hard on dissidents and several had been indicted on the charges of conspiracy against the state and national institutions.

Interestingly, desperate Biden, who currently faces an acute risk of grave defeat in the upcoming midterm polls, tactfully decided to use the Iran card at this crucial time. Biden vowed to liberate Iran from the hardcore Raisi regime, a longstanding desire of American leaders. Earlier, Biden’s successors liberated several nations in the world including Iraq from Saddam Hussain, Libya from President Muammar Qaddafi, Afghanistan from the Taliban, and Syria from Bashar-al-Assad, and also supported rebellions in multiple nations to liberate them from dictators or authoritarians regimes. Hence, all these nations suffered deaths and destruction for years and still battling anarchy, unending conflicts, and political upheavals in their countries.

Although, Biden’s uproar was a political stunt during a public rally however Raisi’s government has already accused Israel and America of instigating protests in violence-hit Iran. Currently, there is no authentication of Iran’s accusation and Biden’s assertion however there are no two opinions about America’s support for so-called freedom, which always ruined the countries, created anarchy, and spread chaos in its opposing nations across the world.