Bilawal announces party manifesto for general elections

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Thursday announced the party manifesto for the 2018 general elections.

The 76-page manifesto includes a wide range of programs. Bilawal said the manifesto fulfills the promises made by Benazir Bhutto, who dreamed about a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

“Benazir dreamed of a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan,” he said adding the country made immense sacrifices against terrorism. “Benazir wanted a stable and stronger Pakistan.”

He said they should be mutual trust between the state and the people, and the manifesto caters all all segments of society. Issues such as poverty alleviation, education, basic healthcare, and the role of differently-abled people have been importance in the manifesto.

He said the party will increase water resources, increase the use of technology, and promote trade and industries by introducing liberal and business-friendly policies.

“We will strengthen parliament and institutions,” he said and promote the basic rights of the people which is the responsibility of the government. Women empower is also a vital party of the manifesto. Basic pay will be equivalent to fulfillment of basic needs.

He said the party will alleviate hunger, thrist and despair. The party will start a ‘Hunger Alleviation’ programme when it comes to power.

He said the they will strengthen democracy, and national institions which have been destroyed, will be strengthened. Furthermore, relations with Muslim countries will also be improved and diplomatic and international relations will also be strengthened.

“Foreign policy will be revived,” he adding that efforts will be made for a more robust defence policy as well. “Pakistan will be given its due status in the world.”

He said the slogan of the PPP was the same by Benazir. He said that this was the start of his political career, and he will present solutions to the plethora of problems faced by the people.

He said the PPP made several reforms in the last tenure, and will continue struggle in south Punjab, make efforts for implementation FATA merger, and will also simultaneous elections in Gilgit-Baltistan as the rest of the country.

“Pakistan is indebted and isolated at the international stage. No one is willing to listen to our point of view,” he said adding there was no foreign for several years.

He said the National Action Plan was deemed ineffective by the PML-N and the parliament was not informed of the major challenges facing the nation. He said the PPP always took parliament into confidence and even confronted the US after the Salala incident.

Maintaining that only the PPP is restore the lost glory and respect of the nation, Bilawal said that world need to appreciate the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan.

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