Bilawal says PM should apologize to house or step down

ISLAMABAD (Online): PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said in National Assembly (NA) Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan is left with only two options either he should apologize from the house or tender resignation and go home.

He said this in post-budget session in NA Monday. He remarked that office of PM should be given to some capable person.

He underlined it was said in budget speeches that relief to the tune of Rs 42 billion will be provided to the people owing to the reduction in the prices of petroleum products but on the other hand petroleum bombshell was dropped on the people prior to the approval of the budget. The robbery was committed on the pockets of people with inflating the prices of petroleum products.

He questioned it was OGRA which was to issue notification, therefore, how can a minister issue it. The upsurge in the prices of petroleum products afforded benefit to the oil companies.

How they will return to their constituencies to show their faces to the constituents.

He held the decision of upswing in the prices of petroleum products will be challenged at every forum. They are emptying the pockets of poor masses and filling the pockets of oil companies.

He underscored the prices of medicines surged by 200 percent and the PM took notice of it. But the prices escalated by 500 percent as soon as PM took notice. PM took notice of upswing in the prices of sugar and masks but they shot up to alarming proportion.

He held PM should not take notice of anything and keep himself in quarantine.

He stated no one will support a fake degree. We can find out a solution if there is any weakness.

He said government thinks whosoever gets job, he gets it on political affiliations. Rendering the people jobless is what type of relief.

Giving no raise in pension and salary is tyranny, he added.

He alleged the government has no clear policy from the perspective of the corona. They are inept and incapable. They can do nothing.

This government budget is a failed budget in all respects. This budget can neither face the challenge of corona nor locust attack.

Upon whom the allegations of corruption were leveled, they all were acquitted, he said adding their own people will be behind the bars when we are exonerated.

They should apologize to Raja Pervez Ashraf who was subjected to character assassination, he added.

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